Corruptive countries oddly won’t last 1 long

How corruptive countries run their show

Dictatorship is always corrupt

There is no place for dictatorship. Facts matter to be declared prior all deals. But this doesn’t concern corruptive countries. In the undeveloped countries, the tactics of blundering a topic of the interlocutor to their favour is popular. This is a kind of the rivalry. Basically anything that can happen in a country outside of the political influence of the ruling elite, considered to be “unconstitutional” and as a matter of fact, unlawful. Dictatorship curves everything within its own interests. Communists never change their tactics and will commit anything, using others’ hands to keep the power as long as possible. To the very grave. Where they actually belong.

How corruptive countries rule

Private property is a serious concern in such places. Wherever a person goes and tries to run the business and declare its property, there goes a ruling party.

To start a business one has to pay corruption dues to the local administrative from his pocket, arrange how things will go down on him, and then proceed with own business. Actually, only at the end of his miserable life, he starts to collect own royalties. This is how corruptive countries run their show

And here we see why dictators never back down from power that had been possessed until they pass out to the next world. Enclosed circle in any field of corruptive government. They basically pay their own taxes to themselves. But such country does not produce anything valuable unless it is for the external market, for the inner needs of some corruptive countries again.

Not to mention, that is how the problems of the inner market nature is solved. Legitimacy of prolonging the life of dictatorship. When there is a dictatorship there is always no borders, taxes and regulations. Everyone can come in. But nobody can get out, unless you pay a big sum to back that up. This is how they run their politics. The dirtiest climb over the people to take advantage and steal the budget. Here we have a bunch of morons and sleaze-bags in the working environment etiquette, in any company. While those, who wish to be promoted must follow the same rules or their attempts would be wasted. Enclosed circle of sins that shows no other way out.

The dirtiest take over the lead above the rest. And this is how these top authorities represent themselves in the global arena internationally. Isn’t it disgusting? It is. The worst thing is when other authorities collaborate with such nonsense. Supporting and prolonging their existence. While other groups of people suffer from oppression. There is no deal with corruptive countries.

Who allowed this to happen?

The rest of people are in the middle of nowhere. They are get busy with other fundamental daily problems concerning only themselves. Meanwhile, their healthcare lacks the decent competency in service. There is no taxpaying system that would make people to get free healthcare and that stuff people in leading countries have. It means, all health problems stress out right in the place square with doctor, or whoever will save the life. In a corruptive way. And, if they had funds. What happens if people don’t have funds to pay it off? Means, no medical service. You can die if you want, but no one will save your life. Because they are all ‘busy’ with their own stuff.

And here comes the cornerstone of understanding, why they have such a corruptive governance above them. Why they deserve of such government. Because nobody literally cares about it. They don’t even know how to collect and use taxes for their own sake. And there goes the filthiest and corruptive species above the all to rule and steal from the rest with impunity.

The reason of collapse of corruptive countries

The smartest and qualified individuals leave that place for good. And there must be no blame for them. They know what is going on, and how long that formation will last. The rest will experience the full beauty of corruption and iniquity on themselves for inaction. This is the price to pay for not doing prior important things when proclaiming ownership of formation. Because that formation clearly, has no intentions to serve and help people that were influenced with it.

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