Countries that unable 2 build a savvy state

What has been great once doesn’t work today. Poor countries

Countries cannot call themselves as such anymore. When there is a collapse in some state, country is all responsible by it’s own electorate. People choose one ruler who is not giving it full, after decades it appears to be unable to fix whatever situation has been ended at. It happens when a citizen is not able to rely on a simple and straight governmental security, constitutional laws. There is no more country.

Eventually, people just leave that place for a better state. Not many states can be proud of themselves as of today. It is all a natural selection. Poor countries just do not have that essential ability to create, build and enjoy life in full. Natural selection takes it’s place.

The mass of that electoral voters get their treatment in full. Every country deserve it’s ruler according to their temper. Whether they have constitution and human rights or not. Even if dictator came to power, one had conditions to be elected. One just do what he does best. If the countries suffer in return by having their election, it is their karma. There is no blame for the guy who had not been prevented on time. Such countries must accept their duties.

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