Dark matter is essential. 20000dB is sound limit

Dark matter and sound frequency

A dark matter and energy that were proclaimed so by humanity, is invisible for most. That was the reason to call it so. Today people can see and use only 10-13% of the world’s physical world, that is seen, heard and felt. For example, a man can distinguish from 20-20000 dB of the sound heard. Being able to hear only that range does not mean there are no other sets available. More frequent range of sound will not be heard, but will affect inhabitants’ ears, definitely. The blood will start come off from the ears, then the brain will get affected where consequently death approaches that person. And there are more examples how everything around affects their existence.

A man has developed an ability to observe things through his prism of micro and macro scope devices. However, one cannot see things through and in between, yet. One can feel things though, but that’s still not enough. They are just signals coming to the brain. Still not the entire picture.

Those outer worlds with another dimension have their own rules and patterns which are specifically applied to them, and how they see their world themselves also apply to those 90% of the dark matter.

Space is gigantic and enormous with billions and trillions universes

There are civilizations and formations that have adapted to live in their specific universe and use their capabilities at full. By using 100% of their dark matter they have. Some of them have adapted, some of them have not. Our civilization is one of them. Slightly, people come to conclusion of necessity of it.

Time does not have its’ borders. Somewhere in the cosmos, this very century equals to a different time comprehension, in a slow motion manner. So applies to micro world from the people’s perspective. Insects understand their time flow completely different.

Eventually, people will become a space civilization with the help of dark matter. But the whole understanding must pass over through the cosmic civilization phase. How long it is going to take, depends on many factors. Factors that had been created for purpose or not. Life is getting better everywhere by becoming reasonably equal and transparent.

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