Debts and How 2 deal with huge of them

People created debts for a reason

Debts. Do not expect some person is ought you something that you think, and didn’t perceive to bring it back. Just don’t worry. One way or the other, The Cosmos will make him to pay you. You don’t have to waste your nerve on social elements who don’t bother themselves to bring something back, by reminding to do it. Their performance is recorded by Cosmos and eventually they will pay you back even ten times more. Never ever you dare to humiliate yourself begging anyone to perform. It means you completely depend on that, ever since you deemed it necessary to say it.

Such places don’t care about the debts

Ignorant will not follow it either, on the contrary he will make you even more unhappy. Such social elements will learn only from their own mistakes, which will cost them very much. Let it flow naturally. Eventually, at the years of 50+ they might guess something, maybe not. The main point is, do not waste your time on such individuals, they wont appreciate it anyway. You have to understand, it was grown up in the society, where people used to treat each other like that. Maybe that place will extinct, and be no more is existing. So it is behaving the way it used to behave.

Such places refer to unstable communities with conflicts and even wars. Mostly they come from medieval state countries where civilization avoided it’s impact. Somehow, it appeared next to you. So try to stay away from it. Populations are growing. Put yourself in the right group. Look for somebody else. The wise man would never allow to have someone who owed to him. He’d never act as he not wanted to be treated accordingly. Try to surround yourself with the right people. And be happy. This is how you deal with debts.

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