Developing countries be staying devastating 4ever

Developing countries and zones

There are different economical zones and how its’ authorities treat them. In democratic countries everyone has the right to work, earn, live and succeed in what they doing. In corruptive stricture countries none is responsible for nothing. Those people exist the way they born and do in full of what they can. All they do are wearing ugly and destructive mood detecting those who don’t, and do not appreciate initiative and cheerful attitude to break the system. Of course, there are no taxes.

Because, that system does not obey society which is not willing to change for better. I call them the children of the post-communist apocalypse. In working society praised are those who vulgarly have stepped over them who had failed to fawn before the authorities and the rest. Literally they are sycophants. Hypocrisy at it’s finest.

Because, in such society the whole congregation is everything and the individuality is nothing. That was exactly what Hitler in the Nazi Germany was saying. What has happened next to them everybody knows. It will take decades if not centuries to become normal persons. And it happens in developing countries.

However, the most fun part is that the salary mark of ‘developing countries‘ is below the subsistence level. A survival zone, where human rights are not respected and followed. Can you imagine what kind of place is that? It has never seen the truthful freedom. And perhaps will not see it in the near future. Because, to become truly free one must have an inch of respect for the lowest simplest creatures that has been born there. And sacrifice it’s life on the line in dignity.

Priorities. They are different everywhere. Since it is not a subject of concerns and are not worth of investing for their own need, or whatever might be, there can be no question of a free democratic society. Everything starts from the new ideology, which is not priority of all at the moment. They are still Developing countries. And will remain so, till the times end.

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