Dictatorship. 1 cruel disgusting method of ruling

Dictatorship does not appear out from nowhere

Dictatorship tends to appear when the head is well known, pretty decent time administrate despite the inability to execute on its duty due to its age, shamefully look on the world political stage, where his old age appearance put a shame on his ego, but you cannot humiliate, criticize, hate, laugh at him. If you do, you will be punished and determined. Strange? I doubt it. People chose him, chose that path of life, one way or the other. Anyway, whoever is running deserve, and must be treated that way.

I can understand if that person made an outstanding result in healthcare, infrastructure for its people during his run. But, what if not? What if everything, that has been promised, went nowhere down or just been forgotten. Everything, that has been stolen, corrupted, cheated, destroyed and hid will be revealed and promulgated to everyone, no matter how hardly that regime tried to dismiss it.

People that chose their system according to their customs, knowledge, history, views and picked their perfect candidate to operate and administrate above them are totally and irrevocably deserve him. Even if that person brings them dictatorship. There is no sorrow or help for such people. They must feel that pressure on themselves.

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