Disabled people are not protected. 20’s

How disabled people are suffering

Disabled people are less protected. So what can a disabled person can do to contrast against an aggressive, ‘out of the mind’, mean, wild, physically superior, attacker? Sit in the chair and watch to the eye of the crazy animal that is about to follow up his instincts and satisfy his joy to hurt the less protective object which is defenceless in front of him. There is nothing a disabled person can do to contradict.

Yes, one might ask or even beg for a mercy. But practically, the attacker will not hesitate to rip his victim off. There might be a little different percentages of opposite finals, where an aggressor would stop doing what he was doing. But, basically such mean practices appear to happen in the less prosperous countries. People in those zones are victims.

However, in reality and apparently not democratic society, where aggression is praised and grows up mean creatures, where physically strongest survive among same kinds, that situation will end up sadly to the victim. And all of that was used to happen in medieval countries. Such as soviet and post-soviet era zones, where all human right laws never applied to local people.

The army or militia never stood up for it’s people. Even in primary or secondary school children of rogue and mentally freaking groups did not give a normal social environment of development for other gifted children. Consequently, physically weak and disabled children had never accomplished what they would have initially been capable of. Such a mean and nasty place for disabled people appeared to happen.

No mercy for ruling elites

There must be no mercy given for such countries that do not regulate the common international rules to be applied on people. The sanctions make a good thing for the ruling elites of such formations. Disabled people are in need of more protection.

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