Disastrous Communism hasn’t changed the values since 1991

Daily issues are on the other part of the world

Nothing had been changed since the collapse

Communism and Soviet Union hasn’t been demolished since its collapse. It has been mutated into the new unsightly forms of disaster. The so called CIS group (The commonwealth of ‘independent’ states) has not changed its tactics and attitude towards the rest of the world and own people, a bit. Moreover, they still have the same headquarters located in Kremlin, where all the politicians and dictators are submitted to. If you look at the way their inhabitants live, you will witness that nothing has been changed, ever since. Everything is the same. Propaganda, values, treatment, lifestyle.

The most of them even wishes that Soviet Union would never collapse, and even get Communism back. They blame the Western world and particularly the United States for what has happened. All they say it is due to the conspiracy and forgery that has been occurred with their country, totally forgetting of who has been chosen to rule their government. Speaking of ruling, people themselves have never participated in the election or choosing the chairman in charge that would take care of them and give them what they wanted.

Inhabitants of the post-soviet countries have genitival changes on a permanent basis, to be slaves. As soon as they getting into the free society, they expect to be morally attacked from within. Just like in Communism. This is a form of conditioned reflex. So they automatically keep an aggression up within themselves for protection matters. And innocent people around may suffer. In such society there can be no consent. Neither economical nor industrial. They are destined to be a resource site for the rest of the world. And it is not the fault of the rest of the world that exploits them, but their own one. There’s no rule to brake it inside the common system they have created.

Only dead strict borders on the ground and unapproachable waters between the lands can prevent people to be occupied from the Communism. Eastern Europe and Taiwan are the great examples of it. They have tasted and experienced on their own collaboration with such a disaster of XX-XXI centuries.

Being aggressive is the common thing for these people. They haven’t seen another type of life, than Communism. In the public they loudly say how grateful they are of being under the system they have and how it is privileged to be a bum among the same kind slaves. I would call it a ‘syndrome of a rogue’. This is how sick and brainwashed their minds have been mutated into. The worst of all, they admire and appreciate such kind of lifestyle, and consider the rest of the world should follow them either.

The worst place on the planet you will find among them. If you are looking for surprises and actions in your life, at least you can challenge yourself there. But beware of not crossing the limits. When you try to help them out, they will find it as an aggression and intervention into their business. So it is best to let them go alone by themselves.

Communism has a dead-end

How to fight Communism

Simple. Do not let it spread its ideology to the end. Whatever they start, it must not have been finished, accomplished.

If they have a brainwashing propaganda, it must not be completed. Whatever they do, it must not be concluded. To show them examples and true values of why they must reconsider their views for their own matters, is clueless. Burglary and thievery is what they all are capable of. Secured borders and paid taxes have never been introduced and acknowledged.

Everyone has the right to express their opinions, thoughts, feelings no matter how hard they try to drown down it according to the expectations of the mass. Being grateful, is something that’s not appreciated there. They will never learn to respect disabled and physically weak people. Will never make all their efforts to improve their state, infrastructure and basic peoples’ needs, such as free healthcare and free education.

The good sense and true values have been avoided in such formations.

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