4 Children. Profound discrimination against them

Patriarchy in medieval traditions. Daily issues people face

Children are the future of everything. If you somehow heard in the Middle East or in Central Asia people have no human rights, that is unfortunately true. At the end of the Soviet era and the beginnings of the 90’s, military, police and army families had their unique tradition to slave up own children. It might sound weird, but things were taking place back in a generation. To demonstrate, on weekdays one goes to school, at the end of a day he is making homework for school tasks.

At weekends one goes to countryside where the most patriarchal ‘jackass’ stands above him and gives orders by threatening one with physical punishment or violence if one will not follow them. Orders usually contained heavy physical labor. Total slavery in the present era. Patriarchy mixed with medieval traditions, that developed countries do not practice anymore.

Is such societies children get abused, humiliated, insulted and persecuted, in every possible and impossible way. There are no men exist to protect them. No laws to follow to find the truth. Children do not get their proper treatment from the adulthood that suppose to carry about them. Nothing and nobody are willing to help them. As a matter of upbringing, they learn a lot from their parents or solicitors how they should perform, and what kind of laws are working in the mean and wild world.

People are doomed to get suffered from themselves. The worst thing, they do not realize what is going on. They try to find the guilt form the outside. Which is totally ridiculous. The authorities and government are laughing of what is going on. They love to have slaves. And slaves love being submissive and loyal to their governance. What else do they need? A perfect scheme to get the most out of them. No borders, no control.

How children get discriminated

The “parents” are busy with getting the most out of the formation. Such as the royalties, funds, savings, but not concerning about their future.

Just a bunch of burglars. They do not think what is going to happen with them. There is no working class and society itself. A perfect example of what sort of a country that formation will become.

A sponsorship of terrorism. That’s right. Where nobody concerns about the borders and taxes, worst things happen. That’s a perfect condition to attract the scum of Earth and let them do whatever they want. They get organized better, they support each other, they sponsor the newcomers. And that is totally outrageous. Government is no longer controlling the situation.

The only thing that can prevent such formations to allow them act like that, is to put sanctions against such countries. Yes. The monitoring helps. They must know the price, that everybody is paying except them. They do not feel any guilt.

How 10-year-old children suffer from beating

It all happens at 10 years old. Can you imagine what sort of stress a child can experience from degenerated dull looser, who saw only how the Soviet army inhumanly appeals to it’s people. Wish that all those Soviet founders would burn in hell permanently for such a decease created. Anyway, those poor 10 year old children whose psyche is spoiled, gets beaten up regardless of what they did.

Why? Because his school scores are the object for beating them up again. In any case, one does what he had been told to, and he follows the slavery orders. How do you like that logic, ha? Silly isn’t. Consequently, people have been following such practice in all over across the Evil empire. Simultaneously, only families of artists and musicians were able to get away from such a cruel practice among society.


Responsibility is laid upon their fathers and mothers. Those, who have built and allowed to build such country/formation where greed and corruption thrives upon the sane mind. Such people are fully responsible for their children. And by getting rid of them, trying to send them over to more prosperous countries will not help. By committing this act, they acknowledge their refusal from parenting such children, they also accept their misery of inability to provide decent life, and most importantly acknowledge the fact of invasion of another country that has collected and built respectful lifestyle. Today, it is called “Migration”.

Such parents deserve to get the full treatment of sanctions and economical impact upon them. These will never learn, though. Starvation and conditions make people change. Open examples provide significant turnovers is such places. Since no one wants to deal with such people, they might learn something. Such zones are agonizing from their own misery, by not willing to understand of what is really happening with them. Those just some pure and simple reflexions. And such people do not deserve to have parenting opportunities. Children always suffer from their parents. Only wise parents can provide and support their children with precious life-skills knowledge and wisdom.

Purpose of generations

The purpose of keeping generations is to provide a decent and sustainable life with nature. At some point parents and children cannot co-exist with each other. It means the crisis in relations has reached it’s peak. Such parents should have been able to provide a decent life for their children, or at least never create them. But they failed at it. Then such parents send them away from home. They no longer can provide support for them, because their children were not ready to face the reality of having the collectible state at first. Here we have a perfect example of migration crisis. Such migrants have no idea what the world wants from them.

The purpose of life is to take your decent place among the rest of all and be in the state of realization of your true self. Nothing and nobody should have pushed you to seek your place and rest. It is a natural process. Since you are the inevitable part of this world, you can easily accommodate yourself in harmony with it. Then, and only then you make children and provide a decent life for them.

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