Convince people 2 treat you better way.. not

Do not convince people

Huge mistake is to try to convince people to treat you better way. If it works. Maybe. Buy practice shows it is not working all the times. Never try to convenience people to treat you in a better way. Fools will not appreciate it and are not worth it. Clever men will judge you by your actions. So don’t waste your time on fools. The clever men will class and appreciate your endeavours. Try not to use a standard common language but understandable, approachable. If you are existing and not appreciated, there is no need to act at all.

Simply whatever you do is not appreciated. Is it worth performing? No. Be yourself at first, and maybe then act. Act more smoothly, more precisely. This time they will comprehend you and eventually treat you better way. You have to be yourself at first. Do not convince people to treat you better way. As a matter of fact, they will do completely opposite.

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