Doing wrong. Basic actions count as excuses 4 you

Feel sorry before doing wrong

If a person is doing wrong something by mistake, it is counted as a lesson. But, if it is a habit, almost impossible to revert. Only actions can cure of what has been done. There is no such person who is doing bad things for himself on purpose. One suddenly realizes it is bad. But when one commits crimes, he forgets about all ethics. Hoping to eventually atone. Direct actions might work. But, how long such person hopes to live after committing crimes? Complete redirection is almost impossible in such cases. There might be exclusions but they are rare.

One cannot whole life go on terrible things and then suddenly confess in religion institution or by oneself. That won’t help. The person acknowledges what one has been doing all his life, or at one particular moment. There’s no turn back in the way of confession. Only live direct applicable actions count. You become of what you do. And your deed complexes your state of being while you still here. A snail can do not much of things while it was on Earth. Though, it does not commit anything that could happen as a crime. Doing wrong is a conscious and self warned act that one way or the other puts the performer right to the deserving place.

Confession works only when you commit actions. Try to confess yourself before committing crime. That would make a lot more sense. To be evenly fair, there is always price for everything. Stop being childish and naive that you can ask for forgiveness. It may work with you and your god, but it will not work with cosmos. You commit crimes, there is a price for it. If you decided to do things, keep your pace and take responsibility gratefully for what you do like a grown person. Doing wrong is also a part of actions.

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