Drama the good cheat necessity to represent 1self

Drama is all around us

Drama must have been justified, believable, otherwise by itself it is boring whenever it happens in storytelling, filming or real life. Those people and ethnicities who have great storyline and background, I have no doubt everyone has it, must be capable to deliver their history to the world, so the public could see what they have come through and comprehend their struggles. Unless they want to hide the facts. Otherwise, it is all lies.

Everyone is interested in happy ending. That is a purpose of drama, to show off the essential needs of one or another particular object. Which is fair enough. What is the cost of all those cries people have been through, if they cannot deliver it? Things must be justified. So finally we can understand what was the cost for it. Don’t bring it if you ain’t sure about the outcome. People will judge things anyway. Everything becomes transparent. Everyone has the one goal.

The conditions of life. That is the final goal of all and the public. The quality of essential particles of common daily life, which brings people happiness and satisfaction. The cost of life. What it takes, to everyday exist? That is the economy we all need and desperate to have behind our backs.

However, in real life you can cry the river all the way you like, maybe earn some attention and sympathy, that must be justified, but it will not make you a hero in the sight of others. Even though, it is also the way to earn something. Bring something worth on the table.

The bright and cheerful individual who is grateful to what has been achieved, somehow resonates with others’ needs and conquers attention of all. However, it’s not enough. The results of attempts and endeavours. That’s what counts in our plane. Winners are those who show the results not some drama run.

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