Employees 2 get hired. Blast your way up by nature fast

Roles of employees

Women nature

For women it is easier to be employees or find a job in certain countries. Because they are passives in nature. Same applies to all passive genders. It might be due to the ability of negotiation and somewhere be submissive. Those who hire, always want and need to employ performers. Performers that will obey the orders given by authority, without questioning, in accordance with regulations.

For men it is harder to get convinced for being hired, because they are more active and may go beyond their boss. That is certainly not what employer wants. One wants creative part of employees that is going to work for him. The cheaper it gets, the better. Everything lies on regulations.

A woman particularly wants to associate herself with something creative and not destructive. Naturally, she wants her inner space be filled special and unique, which will help her to be outstanding and survivable. And they would almost never do some destructive work. It is against their nature.

Protection species

Prosperous societies are those, where a woman is praised as an equal member. A woman leads, she gives a birth to. On the other hand, there is a man. In other’s sight, he must have been able to prove that he is not a destructive person. To prove, by the way he looks, stands, talks, performs. To get employed, everything must be in accordance with certain parameters.

Meanwhile, those who perform protection duties, must be excellent in their craft as well. It means, one might not have gentle manners, or handsome outlook, but be able to use his deep down animalistic anger in the matter of needs. Brutal force and physical achievements at lighting speed there, where it is necessary.

That is the main criteria a round employer would definitely like to put a sight on. Of course, some groups might have one abilities over the other. However, to be in the right time and place, authorities should be able to effectively operate their duties on whoever employees may want to approach that vacancy.

Perfect employees are passionate to do their jobs. Those employees will always be in demand.

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