Essential trust between 2. Government and people

Relations between government and people

Government and people always try to find the mid point. There are different types of countries to exist. They are determined to be rights and wrongs. Which ones are good and which ones are not, classified by simple question that put it straight where it belongs. Is how good the healthcare system in that particular country is. It shows how government care about its own people, and how people treat that government in return. It might sound ferociously, but some people still pay for medicines to cure themselves. In the XXI century it is absurd to hear such thing.

And that country certainly wrong. Either inhabitants will die out one by one, or the ruling class will face punishment from the leading nations and other developed countries. Sooner or later.The trust, that must have been built before any other movements were committed between people and government. It just doesn’t come out easy. The selectees are trusted within the very people. They carry the idea of one particular nation. Idea of of being loyal, trusted, honest and professional to own people. It is all sealed with constitution.

Yet, not many authorities today follow that script. But they exist. Which means they are supported by those people whom they are running as their authorities. It means those people agree and deserve to be treated the way they are being treated. Such government and people will be struggling to find their peace of mind.

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