Etiquette of conversation. Better say it 1, or never mention

People evolve the etiquette of conversation

The etiquette of conversation is basically showing what your worth. It has come to the point of what we see today. Maybe it was vicious and destructive. Maybe it had been never being so. But the fact of a matter is, we see it today of what it is. The conversation has been developed to the very high state. And we the people must preserve this heritage for the next generations.

There are all kinds of people nowadays. It is always important though to be nice to people. But only once, as a warning. There is no need to be repetitive. They all understand of what is happening, but differently. Etiquette of conversation requires for both parties to agree on the discussed statement. If both of them agree, it is a win-win situation. If they don’t, the weakest part have got to come up with it. Even at the expense of one’s own experience. How they are going to understand it, is left on their own discretion. Responsibility is quite singular but not limited to.

Those who hire, order the subordination and obedience. The market is overwhelming with cheap labor; it is quite easy to find replacement nowadays. Thus, it is advisable to follow the rules for the seeking part. If they really want to integrate to the highest society and be recognized as a part of the market. It is extremely important to follow the etiquette of conversation. Those who really wanted it, easily integrated to society, despite the lack of the resources that play significant role in the fast paced consuming world.

Todays’ technologies lead to a new level of conversation and interaction with each other. Developed conversation consists of two or more people interacting between each other having integrity, and it happens when they are all good and ready for that. They have to put up with conditions, get up on time, wash up their faces, condition themselves up, brush teeth and then have a place in community. It is just the way it is.

Time management requires an etiquette of conversation. That’s the way people exist with each other. Technologies help to get along faster. There is no need to rush. One can contact anytime, or have a postponed conversation. There are no obligations whatsoever.

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