Evaluate people by their actions committed. 1 Talk is cheap

Evaluate people by actions

You can evaluate people by their words and actions. You can believe of what they say. However, it will mean nothing until the very actions performed. Not everyone sticks to their words and intentions, unless they sign up some paper.

I heard thousands of beautiful stories, intentions and things how are they going to do. After certain decade nothing has happened everything stayed where it was. Words mean nothing. Actions do everything.

When the actions committed, everything is clear and there is nothing to be afraid of. Actions build a personality. Strong, mature, full of commitment. One becomes of what one does. Just do what it takes. Do not listen who says you are doing wrong. Always keep walking your path, there is a successful end to it, no matter what.

Those who talk a lot, has not accomplished much relying only their ability to lie. Talk is cheap. Beautiful stories remain of what they are. People with big mouth tend to have no nightmares, since they acknowledge of what they are. They agree on the price they cost, and try to sneak all the possible ways to gather collectibles or whatever the goal they achieve. Let them do the talking. It is a path to nowhere. Eventually they will realize how wrong they were choosing such method of public treatment. Try to learn how to evaluate people by their interaction.

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