Evaluation by cosmos 4 people without tricks. Rightful path

Cosmos evaluation

To get a proper treatment from cosmos, one has to win the time and put the right evaluation of everything that surrounds him. By ‘winning time’ it means to properly analyze what has happened in the past, present and future. To analyze what is happening in the whole world where one is an integral portion of it. To put the right evaluation. Since then, everything will be clear to one.

A brain acknowledges right situations, without lying to oneself, it accepts the flows of premier matters from cosmos, and then it must put the right evaluation. Cosmos will lead one into the right direction, and he gets a proper treatment from it. But that will happen only when things are clear to one, and he puts the treatment accordingly.

Cosmos filters those who truly deserves it, out of those who are tricking environment, oneself on every single step. On time such performers will be directed to initial stage of life cycle, where they stumbled. And everything will go afresh. In the first place, it is not recommended for one to engage in the self deception practices. It might seem strange, though unconsciously some people were treated that way, and they tend to trick even themselves. One must follow his inner voice, and put the right evaluation on things that had been led to.

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