Every creature wants 2 live, the most limited and disabled

Limited lives

Live the life fully. Who doesn’t want to live? It’s has been given at this moment. You must enjoy every second of it. Living life means using the whole senses that were given to you. Even disabled people want to live. Go figure. You will see it in their eyes. The lives had been given to a person that is somehow ended up limited way. People with disabilities exist a lot. However, not every country is willing to help them. Moreover, they find 1000s of reasons not to. They are cast into custody by fate. It’s really bad karma they have.

Government should face economical punishment from the strongest and those who defend them. Disabled person experiencing life troubles and pain from the very first days of existence. Their government does not help them at all. Infrastructure, available health care, necessary equipment for disabled people. Everything is possible only through significant income of a person. Majority of people do not get enough treatment. As a result, they suffer.

When a baby gets born it has parents. When the parents need care, government takes role. When the government needs advice, its operated by Cosmos. If the government somehow cannot support its children, they should take care all by themselves. And they can do whatever they want. Since nobody operating them there is no responsibility for such people. All they do is only suffer.

If there would be a nice global charity fund where people could basically collect donations from those who mostly concern about it, it would have been nice. Helping those who in needs is a good practice.

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