2 fall morally, is how people get destroyed

Fall morally and get destroyed

Nobody wants to live alone. To be alone is the worst nightmare of any kind of person. By falling morally is the last fort when you get destroyed. Don’t blame others, but only yourself for being that stupid by ending up like that. This is to notify and warn on how people get destroyed. People get attacked morally. They don’t feel safe anymore. This happens when unequal competition takes place.

It’s very easy for a person to fall morally. It is much more difficult to remain a human and rise up despite the attacks from within. What it takes? Pure examples, strong will, moral support, and clear mind. Dedication, lessons, will and desire. If someone tries to make you lost, this is probably the perfect condition for them to attack. To make you commit mistakes. Good intentions are always pure, straight and simple. Nobody loves complications. If something is complicated for you, then you are not welcomed there. This is as clear as the day is long. Idealization of objects doesn’t make any good. It makes you stiff and marginal.

Unexpected surprises from the meaningless affairs

It is very personal and different thing for each. Sex intercourse is so tricky, it hides so many unprecedented outcomes that you would never find out where you end up for being curious. But it cures. It put you right where you belong. It pushes you to actions to pay off the bills or show off your true nature of inability to pay them. If you made sex intercourse make sure to have the babies. The sex is all about that. You produce children, you take responsibility of taking care of them. If you can’t, escape and run, because conscience will never forgive you for betrayal.

Such people have no right to fall morally and meet appreciation for that. They deserve to be the life deniers. The state of pleasure has also its own price. Literally, everything has a price. If you cannot support your offsprings, you should not produce them. Otherwise, be ready to end up in life alone. That’s your destiny.

Once you get the baby, your personal life is over. Unless you can arrange and support all of you. But, if the baby was made out of a sudden, one is responsible for upbringing till the moment of maturity. No matter how poor or rich one is. If one can’t handle it, then he starts blaming himself. First group go to churches to become pastors, the other escape, by trying to marry and get rid of responsibilities. If one cannot end himself to fall morally, then he plays rough with devil. Once that with the devil, there is never fair deal and outcome.

But people tend to fall morally, when they cannot make enough for beloved ones. This is something they did without consciousness.

How people get destroyed

No jobs, no family, committed mistakes

No jobs

People fall morally by having no jobs. State market must provide enough opportunities for people to make a living, if such state wants to continue to serve its functions. If there are no jobs, people go on to unprecedented, undocumented, unpredictable actions that are not always pleasant. Everyone has to make a living. With no jobs, people fall morally. One thing is to make the job, the other is to get paid. And scammers all across the way. If government cannot provide protection from frauds and scammers, people just rely on their justice.

Such government is truly becoming a terrorist organization. They will do their duties only with extra bribery which indicates into their corruptive nature. There must be no deals with such country. If there are no jobs. Then it means you have to work for yourself by being your own boss.

Family relations

People fall morally due to family relations. Something had not been discussed openly, properly before, which resulted in family issues. Perhaps, something was not heard, and left disregarded that eventually led to problems. Hence, they fall morally of the outcome surprises from the other side. But, in the end those who were wrong they know why, admit their mistakes which might be too late. This is the price, for not listening. Those who have big mouth never listen. As a matter of fact, they never justify their statements either.

They just want to prove themselves, in such ridiculous manner. They want to prove even at the expense of others that they still worth there something in existence. Because they were disregarded back in their time. And now they are seeking for justice by disregarding yours. Ignore, and move on. You might be lonely, but you are not alone. There are still people who await you. There is some time needed. Don’t betray them, by forcibly committing actions. Let the future take care of itself.

Committed mistakes

People fall morally by committed mistakes. By hurrying up and trying to take the piece, which obviously not theirs, before it’s too late what makes them regret about committed actions. You don’t take things by force, and something that doesn’t belong to you. You let them flow into your hands. Effortlessly and naturally. People must want to invest into your assets. It must be something attractive and reasonable. Persuasion must have a solid background. No matter how hard you try to make something happen, it will fail, if it’s not meant to be existing.

But life is full of surprises and in the end everyone gets what they deserve. Without exceptions, everyone will get what they deserve. Even if you put a bum among the rich conditions, in the end his true nature of a bum will put himself into the garbage can. Same applies to the rich people. If you put the naturally meaning rich man into the bad conditions, he still will be able to end up rich. Such is life. This is their fate. There is no need to fall morally. Your true destiny will meet you when the time comes. Just remember one thing.

Quality beats quantity by miles ahead. This is not something about making it a lot. It is about something to make it more heartfelt, sincerely and meaningful. If you try to trick the nature, the nature will trick you in return 10x times even more. Blame only yourself for being dishonest. And don’t fall morally, because this is where you ended up by your actions. And here comes the solution, if you treat the world more honestly, the more honestly it will treat you back in return.

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