Far East places obsessed 2 run an Old mannerism

Far East is farther than you think

How do people in the far East live? I have seen it by myself. It is spread all over the place. There are certain types of cultures where old generation has patriarchic ways of life and it takes way too much. As a young boy, when you get to the house of an elder, one will get mad if you don’t great him with ‘salamaleycum’ salutation by any means, with personally approaching the old slick and gradually both-handedly take his right hand, to show the ‘respect’.

How obsolete and savage is that? He will even try to push you psychologically, using its’ physical capabilities and weight supremacy to humiliate and harass if you don’t do that. Poor children experience that even today. It is spread all over the place.

In the United States, such kind of person would definitely go to jail. But unfortunately, it is not a common thing elsewhere. You see, with that kind of attitude how come these people hope to get freedom and prosperity out of nowhere? Nonsense. Mostly it is spread in the so called Muslim countries. The more the patriarchic way of life prevailing, by taking it too much, the faster it will diminish by itself. Just like what happened with Eastern people of Western China.

So called autonomous region of Xinjiang, which has rightfully become the part of China experiencing it. The wrong ideology always get diminished by cosmos. How can one expect freedom, if one does not respect itself? Everyone takes what one deserves. Muslims will get what they deserve. If people do not respect the life from the very start, no other people are going to do that. A natural selection is prevailing. The truth is taking over. And the far East is not exception.

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