Women are not aggressive like feminine forms of life 4 us

Women are not aggressive

Women are not aggressive, so are the feminine forms. The XXI century might be proclaimed as the most softly and accurate century of all as of today. People become more gentle and aware of unpredictable casualties that might occur in one or the other societies with them. They becoming accurate. The reason is, we try to be more feminine as the society require us to be so, in front of others. We want to be fairly understood and be treated accordingly.

As the result, we get what we initially wanted. However, if we try to push people harder in a sense of convenience, or start to insist on what we want, society does not approve. It is fair enough. In consequence, people try to be more gentle and even sometimes feminine, to be gladly accepted. I find such phenomena useful.

People tend to become less aggressive towards each other. And there comes the question. Why women do not attend in the so called ‘aggressive’ games, interactions. I am not talking about all women, of course there are some percentages of exceptions exist. However, mainly they are occurred to be giving the life to the upcoming souls, that are ready to reincarnate.

They are passives in nature, not actives. Subconsciously, they are seeking the rightful, positive and fulfilling conditions to give a birth for a potential newcomer. And here is an explanation on why women choose that way and why the upcoming souls are meant to be born in the mentioned conditions. It is one of the planet Earth’s condition. Development is one dimensional headed.

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