Focus on your right actions 2 be applied

Right actions for the right people

The right actions do not hold public anymore. People can smoothly express themselves any possible way they like. Gone are the days where the slavery was the common practice, neither publicly or privately. Though, some countries in the Middle East still practicing it. Nobody and no one is allowed to limit the freedom of others, no matter how good their intentions might be. People should stop feeling guilty. Especially for what they did not commit. Everything that is happening around, should have happened exactly this way. It is the cosmic flow that we people experience here to learn.

People are looking for approval and justification from others due to the lack of their own early care and proper childhood treatment. It happens when parents were quite stupid. However, life must not end on that. Stop seeking for someone’s approval and attention, it will lead you to a bad state. If you were born here, do whatever it takes to make you happy and bring you to your desired condition state and having gained scores. You can do it! The right actions, is what counts in this life. Actions must be committed. All talks, accusations and threats are cheap. Just some bad vibrations. Don’t waste your time on that. Focus on actions instead.

Why people are looking for excuses is still beyond me. There is no need to look for forgiveness. Simply don’t commit crimes. Consciousness of an essence strictly depends on the self-being acknowledgement and total realization of the actions committed. If something that has been done wrong according to its instincts or knowledge, then it is forgivable, only in case of one did not know about the outcome facts and rigorously confessed about sins after. However, if one knows that it is wrong and still continue doing it, then he punishes all spiritual bodies of himself, by accepting or disregarding the natural state of particular structure. The right actions will help him to recover. Not confessions.

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