Follow natural rules that maintain 1-ness

Comprehension and understanding requires to follow natural rules

How to live naturally

Conditions make us to follow natural rules.

Education comes through one affordable physical connection, through the persuasion right to the head. Consciously. While we listen, while we see, while we talk. If a person was depth, blind or mute, that means he will understand his world within the senses he had. Same applies to the fully healthy people with complete senses, but they don’t see the world above their knowledge. It means the world exists far more beyond of our understanding. It is much more complicated than we think. And comprehension of it goes deep down to the cosmos.

One can adapt to the natural conditions of his land by a body, but that body will not educate oneself to the knowledge of what the land is submitted and followed to. Such lands follow natural rules, the laws and the guidance of the above substance. The planetary conditions. The planetary conditions follow the universal laws. Universal laws are submitted to the higher outer space regulations. The human’s head has much more abilities than we think. It can expand its capabilities far wider to the outer space. Understanding and comprehension of the life flows in the outer space is the key to it. What can make people understand it and help to move towards that direction?


What can encourage brains to expand its capabilities? The right emotions. Positive, cognitive and good emotions. Try to follow natural rules. It’s been said that the good mood prolongs the life, and as we can see, for a good reason. The solar plexus area responds for the emotions and feelings. Once, the emotions gain significant mass of the matter, that it can no longer be in use for that area, the surplus of matter proceeds further to the mental areas to be gained ahead. This, is how the evolution performs. With the good mood you cognize the world.

It is vital to have positive emotions right from the childhood. Such emotions help to move forward. In Japan people were used to let children project the new concepts of the car design. This approach means children were not spoiled by the public behaviour of canonical stubborn views. From the childhood emotions are kept natural and in most open way. While people grow up, they lose it under the common principles of the dominating behaviour of economic prosperity, totally forgetting that success is being led by the positive emotions. Without them, it’s just a routine work. It doesn’t bring satisfaction. Follow natural rules.

Old habits will go off

The stupid and unnecessary habits lose its’ values and are left off to the past. While the important and significant practices take place and become in demand. As a result, more and more widely. Personality, is what appreciated in the global scale recognition today. And not only there. The more the person will open up his capabilities honestly through emotions, the better one will succeed at what he or she is doing. Old habits stagnate the process, because everybody is trying to copy the routine of a onetime successful occasion. It becomes no longer in use. People realize the importance of being oneself. And the honest self-expression helps to achieve it. Old habits and paradigm go off into history.

Follow natural rules

Through this way, people learn to educate themselves in the right direction. Comprehension and understanding will significantly improve in the next levels, that will help to understand more the outer space. There are new horizons get open where the new laws apply its rules. You can play by those rules if you follow the previous ones. This is the only one way to succeed. Try to follow natural rules, you are taking the challenge to be victorious, and have a new level of responsibility.

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