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Right person at right environment

Environment. Always try to surround yourself with positive, non-envious people. Negative people will spread their decease by saying negative words towards rest. It is because they were victims from other people before, were taught in poor environment, narrow world outlook. They will try to infect you with their decease, so. Do not accept that in mind. Just act like Buddha who once said: ‘If a person says unpleasant things to you, it is your responsibility to not accept that’.

Literally it stays back wherever it came from. So the initiator will stay one on one with his words. And you do not infect yourself by reacting on that nonsense. You just have to realize that such people are quitters, that had been infected by the same aggressors before. Those were not been able to succeed in life, to support themselves or their family members, or to accomplish other goals. All they can do is hate.

It is cosmos outsourcing them out of prospering practices.

Let them judge themselves on their own, and live their own miserable life. On the other side, positive people do not have any problems with life whatsoever. Easygoing person will not try to screw you over to his favour. Because, everything in his life flows positively. He has got enough knowledge on how the world works, and how to succeed in life without unnecessary things implied.

If a person has got enough knowledge and skills on performing and has a sense to avoid unpleasant things, there are no problems for such person, he is truly free and always gets what he wants. To get such wisdom, initial environment should be open-minded, so there will be no misunderstandings and no misinterpretations.

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