Environment for inspiring intercourse. Be the 1st

Cosmos created environment

Every single creature deserves to be in this environment. The cosmos created perfect conditions to create this environment in this atmosphere. It means every single individual is equally worth to present itself and it’s own capabilities. The life was perfectly built upon the certain conditions so inhabitants could fully express their natural potentials and proceed forward. Every group is submissive to the laws of cosmos. And every single social gathering is good to one another. The mental development is one dimensional for everyone. It means it is impossible to skip lessons and take more than you can.

Environment forms individuals

As long as environment has been established to form the groups, groups staring to form individuals. That is the approach where characters are showing their full potentials in front of the public. It means individuals were born to show their will and succeed in life. This is the law of life to show and express your needs that resonate with your personality and achieve what is necessary at the moment. Self aware and well known people will get through the obstacles and take what belongs to them. That is the condition where environment does not affect persons anymore. Individuals create their own space to proceed further.

Right person at the right environment

Environment. Always try to surround yourself with positive, non-envious people. Negative people will spread their decease by saying negative words towards the rest. It is because they were victims from other people before, were taught in poor environment, narrow world outlook. They will try to infect you with their decease, so be careful. Do not accept that in mind. Just act like Buddha who once said: ‘If a person says unpleasant things to you, it is your responsibility to not accept that’, which will make them stupid.

Literally it stays back wherever it came from. So the initiator will stay one on one with his words. And you do not infect yourself by reacting to that nonsense. You just have to realize that such people are quitters, that had been infected by the same aggressors before, and are looking for the justice. Those were not be able to succeed in life, to support themselves or their family members, or to accomplish other goals in life. All they can do is hate. This is the form of revenge for their misery. Healthy publics are trying to make everyone happy around, according to their policies and nature.

Social environment attracts the most strong and inspiring individuals, where nobody and nothing is oppressing you. That is a healthy and non-toxic public. By the way of free speech and abiding laws where people follow it, honest opinion and sanity prevail. To earn hearts and win position you need to be able to talk. The louder, the better, so people around will be able to hear you. This is the only way to succeed from the public. Once you have spoken your truth, everyone will respond to it. And if necessary will resonate to it positively.

It is cosmos outsourcing them out of prospering practices

Let them judge themselves on their own, and live their own miserable life. On the other side, positive people do not have any problems with life whatsoever. Easygoing person will not try to screw you over to his favour. Because, everything in his life flows positively. He has got enough knowledge on how the world works, and how to succeed in life without unnecessary things implied. There is no any competition for such person, indeed. A truly high skilled professional, no matter what niche he’s on, will be able to sell himself easily any moment, anywhere. Such person possesses vision.

It is extremely important to have a vision, despite the common tendencies and turnovers. The long run investments do not disappear to nowhere. You will be able to see what is the price for real estate in the global market. Lands, that were carefully occupied and well maintained for the sake of a public system and common wellbeing always pay off in assets. You cannot lose by investing into them. They will persist as long as people are living there. Which means, such lands will be as long as humanity exists. Those people will be supporting the lands they are living at. It is their home that goes nowhere.

Without investments, your value will be dropped low as the day as long. Thus, when you don’t have a vision, you cannot invest properly into your future. Wise people are fed by their investments from future assets. Narrow minded people live from paycheque to paycheque. There are only 2 ways possible to happen in your life inevitably. Either you live happily like a freeman and enjoy your life, or you suffer day by day working on somebody without admittance that don’t feel any pity for you like a slave. Only two options to choose from, which is not so complicated apparently.

If a person has got enough knowledge and skills on performing his own strict and unbreakable duties and has a sense to avoid unpleasant things prior interaction, there are no problems for such person to succeed, he is truly free individual and always gets what he wants. If obstacles will not kill him, they will make him even stronger. To get such wisdom, initial environment should be open-minded, disciplined , so there will be no misunderstandings and no misinterpretations. Strict discipline helps you to form your temper towards your personal accomplishments. Screw the haters and naysayers around you.

Perfect environment helps to attain your goals and express your capabilities in full. Once, you express yourself honestly, you improve that very environment back, so it becomes more expensive and valuable in return. Everything that is valuable and has a high price tag brings prosperity and wealth. Once something is expensive, it will always bring money to the table. Nothing is going to be left untraced and hidden from the public. Everything has its value and shows what it costs. Invest in something that will work for you forever. Form your own environment.

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