Freedom to wear clothes. Don’t be shy. It’s all 4 you

Absolute freedom to wear clothes and whatever you like

We have been born free. And we must enjoy every single moment of it. Freedom to wear clothes is no exception. According to cosmos and how creatures perform, every single living creature is allowed freely express oneself and to do whatever one likes. Outlook is not exception. To wear whatever one likes, the way it likes, no matter what. Young people love to wear fancy clothes, bright accessories, unisex footwear and so on.

One can behave oneself or dress without the need to harm others. That is the real freedom. The freedom to wear clothes. Every single creature has the right for it. However, not always inhabitants of the Earth follow the overall freedom. Stagnation takes place. People suffer from regimes and dictatorship. Young ladies and gentlemen cannot wear free-disclosed dresses. They become victimized of such pressure, by getting beaten up and harassed, humiliated publicly and sometimes even killed.

Stay away from tyranny

The most terrible places on Earth are those where Communism and fanatic religions are practiced. Regimes of tyranny will never tolerate the freedom to wear clothes of any culture. These places contain young men get beaten up for unusual look, young ladies have no right to call things out loud. Those places have the patriarchy regime. Consequently, there is no freedom of speech, no development, nothing that the cosmos has allowed for. In such places physically weak people considered to be wrong ones.

And vice verse, muscularly strong people are recognized to be right. Complete utopia is out there. The longer such regimes continue to exist, the harder there will be consequences for them, because cosmos always works to fulfillment, and no one till this moment can stop it’s progress. That’s why we the people have the freedom to wear clothes of any kinds we like. And nobody will take our rights off to do that. Everybody and everyone of us is cosmopolitan.

Freedom to wear clothes should not even be questioned and discussed.

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