Future planning 2 be satisfied with oneness

Future loves being regarded

It is advisable to think of one’s future ahead. There is a sort of people occasionally who have never done the right things in their life. Like they have been gambling, drinking, doing nothing when they had an ability to. They were not thinking at all on what is going to happen with them in the future. They thought that they are going to stay young forever. And they were calming themselves down that they ‘are lucky’ and everything is going to be ok with them. As the time went by, they were not able to change they way of life and themselves, blaming the world for not receiving on what they had been deserved.

Eventually such people became old. Everything they could have ever imagined and made was gone forever. Nothing has been achieved by the moment of truth, and nothing has been accomplished. Their life was wasted under sins. Such eyes have got to be seen. There is no future. Anything else in the rest of their life they could do, is to lie to other people and praise themselves on how ‘great’ the life they have spent was worth it, just in the cause of self deception. One should see that.

The future has gone

It is just a miserable sight. An old man saying what one must do and how to perform in certain case, while having nothing behind his back is just a pathetic picture. They never succeeded in life, yet they try to teach one how to perform. These sort of ‘men’, all they can do is mislead and fool around on little things and casualties. One must be aware of that and stay away from them as far as possible.

Such people start praying when there is nothing left for them, and use any second moment where something is unusual happens to interfere with spells to have something back in return.

Example, a person decides to act as he was ‘drinking’ in public, only to see the reaction of that old man, who before tried publicly humiliate that person in front of his fellowmen. Then that person acted, as soon as he brought a glass of alcohol to his lips, the old man blasted his way up next to him and started mumbling some incantations to himself. Probably to change his fate. From such point, it is obvious he is loosing his mind, even trying to use external changes to influence his destiny or anyone else. That is where a person should stay away from.

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