Gender disputes created by 1 mentality

Misunderstandings in gender disputes

Gender disputes. Relying on nature, women are passives, men are actives. However, men should learn how to listen themselves and others, how to be themselves first, and then only apply to actions. That way comes creative energy. But sometimes somewhere males were generally treated mistakenly as rough leading edge, meat-headed objects, which brought unnecessary consequences. It must be certain society that apply those rules.

For instance, in soviet countries men were positioned as stupid monkeys, who could only physically punish each other and produce same offspring for future generations. Women initially did not have any inch of respect for such kind of men. They thought it is easier to keep men as bio robots and treat them like that. Though, males started asking questions and found women as cunning partners and traitors by nature with no moral values whatsoever. And now it is obvious what has happened to all of them. Gender disputes still persist.

The smart part of group was strong enough to leave that kind of society. But there are only few. The rest has kept their lifestyles and has relied on excuses to justify their actions. It will take centuries now, to cure and build up something valuable in those places. Best solution for them is to let them live by their own. System will outlive itself. A woman uses her brain passively. A man does not use it actively.

If a woman will use her full potential, she will get what she wants. If a man will learn how to use his brain actively, he will conquer the world. One must have a will to. If there is no will, nothing happens. To properly use the brain first needs to get rid of the stereotypes that had been sealed. They are seriously affecting the positive change. Gender disputes no longer will take place.

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