Gestures. How 2 handle those who are menacing

Say loud through gestures


Gestures can be useful pre-warning actions that might be very meaningful. There are all sorts of people exist. Some might be good, some of them not quite. Strange people don’t act like they are strange. They re-act of what has been applied on them. If something has been quite difficult and destructive in their life, they want to make things even. By interacting with other people is the best solution for them. And they want to fully share their experience with the rest by trying to find a company.

Nobody wants to live alone. So are those poor people. Though, others should not take it as their count. And have only common strict relations between each other prescribed by the higher institutions as a given guidance. For instance, a constitution. There is no reason to fight, though. Every dispute can be handled peacefully.


If you catch up with the unwilling sight, uncomfortable situation, do not confront it back. How to exit in that situation? With a simple gesture. In seconds react up with wide open eyes, and look down. Subconsciously it means, you are surprised as well, though not guilty of what has happened either. That’s a body language. Very simple, and very friendly. Gestures are used in the animal world interaction, as well. They might attract, or even scare the opponent.

Balance works this way. In the serious environment, there needs to have laugh and fun. In the fun environment, there is nothing else needed. It is just accomplished by itself. It is the goal of all. Those groups that are striving to fight all the time without stoppage are exhausting themselves. There is something wrong with them and they are in serious trouble. You get the body, you get the home, you get the country, you get the family and friends, you get the freedom to express every way you like. Yet, some groups are still unhappy. Gestures come to take place.

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