Get married. No1 can convince you better

To get married or not

Leave it on your own, to get married or not. In the end of life, there must be someone close better than anyone. We share what has been accomplished. Hence, we need those who are worth it. By getting married we find that person. Human beings are not on the planet for sexual intercourse only. Just to remind, that sex is only 0.01% out of the entire relations and collaborations with partner. What are tho

How to get married

We share what has been accomplished. Hence, we need those who are worth it. By getting married we find that person.

se 99.9% are made for? Let’s look at the overall human activity. Throughout the whole 24 hours’ day schedule people are busy with their needs.

In an average, 8 hours are spent on resting at nighttime. Which makes it 16 hours are spent for consuming and activities. If we divide it fairly, there is less than half of it is spent on consuming. Which says quite clearly, activities are meant for creative initiatives. You consume, then you give it back in the useful outcome. If you try to spend on sex more % than needed, you will burn yourself out faster than you think. And it is not a good thing to do. As a result, you will blame yourself for doing so. That is why the act of marriage is never about sex. Think about it when you get married.

And you never pick up your half relying strictly on the appearance. Fairly, the whole exchange between parties must be 50-50%. The first party enjoys the union as well as the other. You get the most and you give the same in return. And that is not only referring to the couples’ affairs. That is an honest and significant part of the governmental approach to its people. Where all institutions are respected and all confessions are welcomed.

Please, disregard this if you are living in a Muslim country. The whole benefit of your relations are going to nowhere. Not even to an individual. There are no laws in the Muslim countries. It is just a ‘Black hole’ that sucking up everything around and never gives back forever. But, let’s get back to relations between the two people. If somehow those percentages are not equal, the union is doomed to face disaster. It’s going to be sooner or later. Then you realize to have it earlier than later. Why should you shock yourself after, if you can solve your relations now? Consider them now, and live your life joyful when you get married.


Conditions under which we find our beloved ones are variable. They can be financial, sexual, personal or out for nothing. However, the most ridiculous relations are those, where they were built upon temporal pleasures, and such relations lasted way too long. It’s like selling your entity for peanuts. There is no excuse for being that stupid. Actually, there must be no respect for the people who are selling themselves so cheap. They go and come around. The cheap labor, the frigging beggars will always end up in frustration in this life. As a consequence of, never smelled the freedom and self-expression.

Those are the wastage. Let’s focus on those who are worth the game. First of all, they respect themselves, and will never fall down on something that is cheap in their sights and lays beyond their expectations. Nothing is miserable and low in their atmosphere. They are the gold. These are the people worth spending time and efforts. All in all, you decide what type of personalities you do prefer. It is all about the temper, background, commodities, look, age, etc.

The fact of a matter is, women always decide to pick the individuals that they will be able to rely on later, or not. A woman always refers to her instincts of natural requests. So it is pretty hard to convince a lady to make a decision on you. Usually they act themselves first prior any attempts from men. So it is quite reasonable to say that everything is fixed.


Taking responsibility on one’s own is much courageous than we would thought.

How to be responsible

One step at a time is the key. Never mess your luggage with the rest of things. Everyone has the right to live the life they like the most.

This way they are getting their stuff together. If people had a family behind their back, it is much easier for them to accomplish things. Because, obviously they had some perfect advisors along the way.

Begging a person to get married especially by a parent is the attempt of escape from responsibility. The sooner parents want you to marry, the more responsibility they want to get rid of. Very tactical and tricky intention that is. Something had not been accomplished or had been screwed before. They try to put responsibility on you.

Since, they were not able to build own life, by doing the proper things, now they want you to suffer. It means, they take the grandchildren from you, while having a good time with them at the moment you bust your ass to make a living and feed off your family, and then leave you alone with the rest of your troubles. How cool is that? Isn’t it unfair after all? It is. To get married is much more than you think.

Only you decide to get married or not

How to be responsible before your family

In the end, there is only you who will be left living with your family. Apply only on your own decisions. The payback of your family will be directed to you, not your parents, after all.

With thus being said, make sure to provide it a decent and competitive support after you get married. As a result, your family will introduce you to its family in return later, when you will become an elder person. And this is how family gets stronger. Strong family – strong country.

To live a polygamous life? A waste. In the end you will be the one who is left nowhere near the decent and respectful partner that dedicated everything to you, but got nothing in return. Life is not worth spending it on risks being caught on cheating. Every lie and secret will be exposed publicly in anyway. And most crucially when after when you get married.

One little remark. It is so hilarious to witness today when a young couple decides to get along, but in the end there is nobody near left who would be ready to feed and support that very couple financially, economically. They just thought that everything will fall down on them by surprise. Not today. As a result – divorce.