Getting cheaper. Get your spot before any1 else

Everything tend to be getting cheaper

Humans lives are getting cheaper. In this crazy overcrowded world, people’s equities are becoming cheaper. People themselves are becoming cheaper. The labor market has a lot of varieties. With the upraise of machines, it is even more clear that employees are no longer a problem to pick from. There are all sorts of businesses individuals have come so far with solutions, yet not all of them are successful any longer.

If the government can take care of you, then you are the perfect taxpayer that don’t need to be worried about all of this. In fact, this is how bio machines are formed. But that’s ok, as long as it’s not in your concerns. However, if some low class, low budget poor formation cannot care about you, then you have to make a living on your own.

Always question yourself, how different you are from the rest. What makes you so special in front of others? Who is going to pay for your skills? That way you will find your true price beforehand. Nothing and nobody can tell you exactly what really your worth is. You find it out all by yourself.

How developing countries survive

In order to survive in the market, the hosting zones of poor countries come up with the historical factor of importance to bring. Although, it may not work well sometimes, authoritative regimes continue to push the agenda to maintain the control over the crowd to make some living.

Nevertheless, crowds are trying to come up with new ideas to make a living. Everything is getting cheaper, every individual is getting cheaper, and every digital account is losing its own value on the set date. It’s like gaining the authority in front of the others to bring attention.

Human’s lives are getting cheaper whether you like it or not. And to survive you need to stand up. No one was asking when you were ready to live or not. But when you got born, things have come up unpleasantly fast, so you had to pick things up real fast.

Pride only hurts. Respect is everything

Actions speak louder than words. Without concerns it reflects all spheres of life. Being proud let you being noticed by the public. No matter how confident you might be, there is always a price to pay for being that. Cocky and ignorant people always end up nowhere today. And as a result, public is pointing a finger at them. Every unit has its hour to shine. But only one hour. If you pick the miserable and not so well spot, that is your fate you have to deal with. Pride only hurts. You take your chance whenever it comes to you effortlessly. The chance comes to you effortlessly.

Get your spot before anyone else

This is a lifetime journey for that. Try to take your spot before anyone else. Provide something valuable that no one can produce. That something is easily produced by only you, and is in huge numbers for everyone to obtain. This way you are making your life much easier and successful. Take the niche no one can replicate. Show your full uniqueness. Today, it is even easier with global network and without limits internet. You connect with people in a matter of seconds. Sky is no longer a limit. All you care about is sales.

And again, you provide something valuable and can only be produced by you, and no one else. Work for yourself. Produce the values that considered to be the best of all. A living. With a lot of offers in the market out there, who are struggling with life, proposing a living living value is what makes you special.

And here you come up with another questions. Like, what makes people addressing you. Why they want to get in touch and contact with you? Since, you know your worth on, it will be mush easier to get what you want. And you will not be considered as a cheaper person anymore. People will become more accountable for their actions in front of you, since they are driven with their desires to make a living for themselves. The market is pushing them out from the place of existence. And one interesting thing you have to admit. Those who did not produce a values for the global market suffer the most.

Political explanation

You can easily find them in the Middle East. The region that is full of crowds but less opportunities, since their governments did not produce a decent life, are desperate to make a living. That is not good. They have not constructed or built super intelligent computers, machines or any other commodities that would be of use and helpful elsewhere. Since they do not produce values, but they are coming up in hungry numbers, the war is taking place in the area. You cannot feed the bunch of unemployed crowds. But they want to live. What they do, instead? They make their living roughly, by taking another lives.

That’s why such state as Israel is in dangerous position surrounded by the hungry and aggressive formations that willing to take advantage over it any day around. Because, such formations have not produced the basic values for their own sake. And if you do not produce values, you are out of the market, in and outside. Point blank simple. And this is a simplest explanation of political situation in that region. When an accident happens, no one cares. People get in trouble on the streets and even get killed, no one cares. They take what they deserve in the end.

Produce values

Be obsessed with your products. Find the niche that bothers you the most. Get your spot before anyone else. The more you get people involved liking your product the better you will establish yourself in the market for a long term. Every free spot is being taken at a high pace before anyone else without concerns. Try to pick yours at different life spheres of human interaction. And you will not feel yourself getting cheaper.

Stop complaining about your issues. In fact, this is how winners are done and stand out from losers. This is how basically, successful people run their businesses and get what they want, instead of arguing and complaining. Because, they can easily handle any problem they encounter along the way. Winners are those who can produce the quality of life and can produce values. Quality always beats quantity. And this is where the values are hidden. The low quality product sparkles short cut and is easily forgotten after. The long run and high quality value appears at late of carrier and has a significant impact on the rest.