1 Global economy grateful to all developing countries tweaks

To serve or being served in global economy

Global economy is what we all people are experiencing today. Such interactive system the world has not seen from the big bang days. Everyone is involved in this economy. Not yesterday, not tomorrow, today. Every single living unit is a part of a global service. Whether some people realize it or not, they are the part of the big game. If you cannot produce a single computer from scratch and name it a camel, then you have to order one from abroad, where are all conditions exist to produce such things.

This is called the rightful investment. If one cannot sell something, he will pay for it. Selling is one important factor in global economy. It is a global economy. Things work until they are in demand. And as time goes by it will always be in demand. People consume, though not always produce. When production outweighs consumption, everything will become cheaper. But production will never dominate consumption, due to the global population factor. Besides, it is cheaper and wiser to maintain existing factories where they at.

Developing countries will remain developing. Not because of their absence of desire to equate to much stronger brothers, but because they do not provide enough jobs for its people. The government takes all the royalties from essential sales that keeping a country recognized and run as long as possible, but do not provide the minimum least to the middle class for their own people. Hence, it does not produce anything equally worth being sold.

And developed ones will conduct the pace of all. Actually, they are administrating. Because they are not afraid of innovations applied on its own people and rightfully use the commodities that needed for people without the risk of loosing freedom. It actually brings the freedom. Everything in such places becomes more expensive in the eyes of the rest. And they are reasonably tagging the high prices for all to stay on top. Every second spending going this way.

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