Global migration scam is coming 2 a denial

Controlled global migration

Today, nobody and nothing can stop the high pace of global migration and growing population. Simply, people are everywhere. People themselves become cheap in the face of demands and proposals. It is not said something in hatred or abusive manner. They are just not in demand like times before. Some people cannot maintain the birth control, either. Global migration is coming over and will end up on the point of inability to carry out more people within the perfectly taxed operating country. Country without borders is not a country. That’s an international dumping zone for everyone. Where you can steal, grab, take without concerns, dump, and do whatever you like.

It’s been meant to have a country with borders and regulations, where everyone is paying taxes. Once that country appears, there comes the other one, and so forth. And citizens of one country must obey the regulations of another. If they don’t, they end up on the international dumping zone or a landfill. Where nobody and nothing is responsible for actions.


This post will be on spot for those who are concerned about the global migration processes. There is always a finale to every practice that were initiated for some reason. As far as the global population continues to grow, humans’ life becomes cheaper. Thus, there comes a controlled immigration, since nobody wants to be robbed. The land of inhabitance becomes more and more expensive in every single corner of a planet. And the regulations and practices of one particular land defines its prices. The neat, and well regulated zone will always be expensive and profitable in the market.

Immigration must be profitable for the hosting and accepting country. Humanity strives to have tendency for a quality of life, not quantity. By the quantity you only destroy the land, not create. The whole taxation system works for the life improvement of its inhabitants, so they would prosper and focus on things they like the most. Since we have overpopulation on the planet, the global migration is coming to an end. That’s it.

Point of Immigration

What is the point of any migration? Is to make that one spot a better place. It only comes with the ability to pay taxes. The value of people is hidden behind the ability to pay taxes. Otherwise, that same spot would eventually turn into the dying cesspool of corruption and low life standards.

How to get rid of useless immigration

Make sure that very group is educated well enough to perform its obligations.

People are valued by their ability to pay off and support the nearby fellows and comrades. Before they can pay, first they must be able to earn and provide. How simple is that? Established institutions are at the highest stakes ever and produce the values that are in demand worldwide. And will remain so, as long as they are willing to. If you don’t like that picture, try to come up with your own perfect ideas, and we will see how far it will bring you to. Show your guts, prove yourself, try not to be a victim.

Global migration from one destroyed country into another is a scam. They all agreed to run that country under their patronage back in their home, but then suddenly decided to move away. If they come with money and knowledge and ability to pay taxes and live like some true respectful people with society, then they are most welcome. The worst happens when they bring their destruction attitude alongside with them towards the hosting country. And they bring war alongside with them. It has got to be stopped.

The war zone never experienced taxation system, because simply no one payed them. As a result they have war. And that is mostly causing the global migration.

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