Haircuts are menacing 2 people

Female science of attraction

Why women and maybe men don’t like forced haircuts, when it was widely practiced among people. Because, to grow hair back will take time, which works against women, especially. It is very difficult for them to find a proper and handsome mate being to share the home and children. One must be perfect in every aspect for ladies. It might even take full life to search and find one. And naturally asking, how many eggs a woman can produce and have in here entire life? 3-4? Maybe less, maybe more. But she has to be assured, that she can and be able to attract that person if one hits the spot.


Cutting off her hair, reduces her chances to be attractive in a sight of that mate, and consequently looses her charm and chances to positively seduce him. That is the reason why females don’t like haircuts. It is also not aesthetic. Forcing anybody to have a cut will not end up well. It is against someone’s will, which brings karma. However, such rules not always an object to follow.

There are some places where ‘medieval’ regulations are fully and irrevocably practiced. It concerns on policy such as how certain genders must look like. They force young generation to cut long hair. Though by nature, one might notice that little children don’t like to get their haircuts. Someone might hear they scream, fight, but don’t like that idea. There are exceptions of course. But all in all, hair is a natural extension of a body.

From haircuts to baldness

In some other places, there are insane customs where young boys are shaved bald by force. So they would totally rely on instincts, by demand. Such a cruelty towards innocent people. By such practice, they try to manage people without their asking. Moreover, sometimes they don’t even understand why they have such customs. Mostly it is practiced in the medieval countries, though it is not surprisingly.

One has to understand cosmos does not distinguish genders. It just lets its’ flows for the world views. Some creatures understand it earlier, others get it lately.

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