Hair’s good purpose. They are 4 a special reason

Long hair short

Long extensions not only beautiful, but useful. How many times a person have been thinking about the real purpose of hair? Probably not quite much. They should, though. If yours are growing, they are for a reason. The reason to be useful. They are extensions of a nervous system. What people must basically feel on what is going on around them. It will help them to be more intuitive, more aware. Intuition will consistently boost, as long as one has long hair. What happens around will put that person in the right place by sending him unconscious signals from space.

Alternatively, humans brains sends signals through extensions that something significant is happening. The longer those extensions are, the better signals are delivered. As a result, it will save his efforts and even his life. Sometimes, people even have less headaches while having long hair. They just align energetic flows going through the body and do what is best for host. Besides, hair is perfect electrostatic transmitter which proves it is alive. It goes in spiral form. Just like any DNA sample.

Although, today people prefer any variable styles of hair entourage brought by modern culture with all kinds of length, I do not personally encourage people to cut them off. I would not do it to myself. They have its own beauty. It cannot be replaced or imitated by something else. It has some special power. It attracts more people, it saves you from headaches, and you have precise intuition. As a matter of fact, it straight forwardly is connected to space and Cosmos. Where all the future occasions are just about to happen.

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