Happy life 4ever

Happy life

If some object had been told that he has got only one month left to live more, he will probably express on how to live the happy life. On the other hand, we can extend the life of that inhabitant, say for seventy or eighty years more, so he will not bother himself with that question. However, what does take in account to live a happy life, bringing this question on the table? Everyone experience it differently. They can act, or convince the others to believe. Though, there is one certain thing that makes it clear.

Firstly, you need to get rid of the aggression as the phenomena in human’s body, or scientifically saying, leave off from the hormones that create aggressive cells in your physical body. Try to ask yourself what initially creates and triggers those hormones in you. Is it possible that you can prevent them beforehand? By getting rid of them, you make that happy life happen. Triggers for aggression are the anger, greed, and lust.

As a mankind representative you have got the abilities to maintain your variable emotions, mood, psychological attitude just by the set of your will. Always build up your happy life effortlessly. It is a natural ability in the body. Everyone specifically decides how to live his or her own happy life. Though, if we put all of them in percentage scale, there must be some formula and specific steps to proceed towards the goal where humanity will be in desirable condition. That condition actually is created in the unmovable positions. It is just a matter of view, opinion and maybe karma.

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