1 Happy person is implied not mentioning about it

Happy person by default

People tend to think that everything is alright with an individual. Happy person will literally say nothing about his success. One will just keep doing what one has been doing. When a person is happy, he’s got nothing to mention about his feelings. No dialog, no arguments, no confrontations. Everything must be that by default. And such person lives in accordance with the rest. They love him the way he is.

Everything has been achieved that made that person happy. What else need to be concerned of, if nothing can be discussed? The goal has been achieved. People need to move forward and work on the other issues, unless they want to celebrate their contribution on his success. That is a social interaction. That one person truly experienced the outer influence by others. There is nothing wrong with that, unless…

People are jealous

Because, sharing his happiness makes him to pay the debts of others that are not that happy. And here we face a new problem of the private life that is not appreciated in public. If such public do not deservedly let him live on his own. They have somehow contributed to his success, yes. But there are also such things as his private life, family borders and all that stuff that one doesn’t want to share with anybody else.

Any kind of shares must be appreciated and purely accepted. Otherwise, they are not worth existing. If people are jealous they want that, but it doesn’t mean they will possess it. And here we have tremendous difference between the happy people and those who want to become so.

Jealousy helps people to move

If it wasn’t for the jealousy, people would never accomplish what they wanted. It is the drive that makes them move. People get inspired by someone’s success, luxurious things that bring status and many other factors. The public will not accept the losers that do not accomplish their goals. They try to get rid of such species. They want jealous, hungry and active people around. However, not everyone was born that way. All people are different and alike at the same time. It is important to see what you are going to live your life in the next years, though. And how you are going to accomplish your goals.

Luxuries attract people. And that is for a good reason. They don’t want to be the slaves like the communists are. Communist system is based on stealing and burgling from everyone and everything without paying at all. Thus, it’s not for people. Freedom and luxuries are. Individuals that had been inspired by such goals have personalities. They start looking for decisions and might go to take what belongs to them.

Miracle happens when people want to get along with happy person. They want that piece which makes a person happy. That private sparkle which tremendously changed one person’s life. And they want to accomplish their goals with such an attitude. They want such person to be alongside with them. Because that is a perfect company.

What it takes to be a happy person?

What makes a happy person

Achievement of one’s goals by oneself. The satisfaction of completion.

Time management is the perfect example of how to achieve and pursue your goals. Plan up your 24 hours’ schedule ahead on how you are going to spend that time to make things happen effectively. Time is precious thing that ever happened in peoples’ lives. Divide what most important things are needed to be accomplished, primarily.

There is no backward force that makes you stopped. You can learn some new languages, or possess new particular skills that would be handful in your field. Spend your time on that. Accomplished goals makes you a happy person. And you will no longer be jealous to others. While others will try to accompany by your side. At the end of the path, you will succeed of your endeavours and become a happy person.

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