Harmony. Where the gorgeous creatures headed 2?

What does harmony require? Creatures are headed to satisfy their natural goals by performing their abilities. Natural goal is to make everyone happy and live in harmony. They might express their moods one way or the other through emotions. All possible ways to fully express themselves. It is what requiring to accomplish one’s goal. Everything on planet leads to a one mutually beneficial conclusion. Cosmic civilization will require every single creature to be satisfied in every aspect, so it will not have any claims and complaints among others. That is harmony.


All and everything must be harmonized within themselves without hurting or ruining each other. Everybody has got to be enlightened, blissed and satisfied which makes it perfect condition for the next space scientific revolution. If something goes contrary, it is a stagnation downfall. Those who were responsible for it will take the guilt and loose the chance to perform the task. That task will be performed by another person who is given the chance to. This is the circle of performance. And harmony requires to follow its pace.

Every single creation in life are bounded to interact with each other. Whenever people will understand it, there might be a cosmic scientific revolution. Peaceful co-existence with loving creatures is the only solution.

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