Have your big principles and stick 2 your dream goals

Natural behaviour

Weak and wrong principles do not exist.

How to have your principles

There are always only good principles, because bad principles have never been witnessed and bad people never follow the principles at all.

This is the difference between good and bad people. Good people never betray themselves. Bad people can always switch their opinions, their codes according to the convenient situation. They can easily adapt to any kinds of obstacles. They can even watch into your eye, lie without a glimpse and live with this. There is no deal with such kind of species.

There are all around unnatural behaviours and false impressions hidden behind the accurate initiatives. Infantilism causing harmful effect on humans. Simply because of their nature. There is no way in hell that people will push themselves to do something against their nature or forcibly go against it. The only thing that makes it happen is their delusions. Such minorities do not have principles.

They just think they will be always young and beautiful, taking things for granted and commit all that nasty stuff forever. But nothing lasts forever and severe reality always hits them hard. Those who refuse to learn the basic principles will end up pretty bad.

Resolve the rivalry

You have quarrelled with an important and closed one? How to make still contact with that person? Have your principles. Even the closest people must deal with your needs. This is the significant part of the mutual respect and benefit. All humans have the same expectations in the end. However, it is impossible to win without any prior investments.

Angry but straight facts sometimes are the life saviours. They have to deal with your principles, either it is a family, or colleagues at work. If they are not dealing with them, you had been not welcome, since the 1st time you met. Better find new place. Find another apartment in another country, both switch on the gadgets and have conversations when you want. It will show on who’s right and who’s wrong. If they try to make a contact with you, everything will be the same. Respect must have been met, not postponed.

Simple principles

The simplest laws and principles always win. It’s like an acting performance. Being all natural and simple that gets the audience is the key. Unnatural activities will look silly and fake. Complexity is not always finding it’s practice among majority of people. Most of them prefer simple but straight facts. To have principles you don’t have to be complex.

There are always some good simple principles that does help people to survive and get along with them. Such as being loyal to your friends and your family and those who help you to survive or achieve your goals. It means never turn on your friends or simply never be a canary, a rat, a snitch. That is the worst thing you can do about it. Simple example. Would you ever try to trust your privacy to such person? The answer is obvious.

This is why you stay loyal to those who stayed the same to you. You stayed trustful to those who sacrificed their sources for you. It was like sort of investment. Investments to keep the sacred thing from the sights of others. The information.

Life without principles leads to chaos

With chaos there are no regulations. With no regulations it is much easier to take over such formation. Literally anyone can take an advantage from it. That is the place where the chaos starts being implemented. Minorities, women are no longer in safe. Either they change themselves to fit into such society or get extinct. Once there is a chaos, there is no hope for new investments. If there are no investments, there is no life, there is no future. Such areas are good only for extraction of resources to feed the market needs.

Principles delivered with upbringing

Sad, but true. Children depend on their parents. It is quite essential to have a guru on early stages of journey beside, that will meet you with the most truthful facts. Which clearly indicates that there are some communication principles exist. Which means the human is a socializing form of life in the first place. Being that said, all the problems could be solved through communication and interactive skills.

And all the problems that have been committed were due to the lack of communication and interaction. It’s only possible with both parties ready to communicate at the same level of comprehension. If one party is not willing to communicate by any means, it has personal deep problems that were related to the past, unresolved issues.

History teaches

Through mistakes and errors humans get stronger. Since they don’t want to commit mistakes anymore, there you have the principles followed. Principles are formed in the constitution or regulated without any prior concerns of declaring them. No matter how good the intentions are hidden and presented to the public, there are the same principles are standing behind. Well dedicated, wilful and eager to possess people through actions always get what they want. The life is simply all about the willingness. If you are not enough dedicated to get something, somebody else is.

History basically teaches to be hungry and dedicated. Cause if you don’t have that drive inside you, somebody else with little or no self-awareness has it. And you give up your piece.

Principles help to achieve the goals

By setting up your final destination is quite effective method of pursuing your needs and goals. Step by step, you making your actions and getting closer of what you wanted. It is only possible with principles that religiously followed. With all those seductions around it is quite difficult to fight desires, stay focused and determined. If you will recall the Pinocchio animated film by Disney, he was submitted to be in the island of pleasures, despite what his father told him not to. His consciousness saved him though from the disaster and enslavement. That was a happy ending.

Resistance to desires and submissive offers, sometimes can really save our lives ahead. By accepting someone’s offer, you are run by the others’ plans, not yours. You just become a puppet, a tool to make somebody’s wish come true. Consequently, you are not counted to get the royalties from that offer. And you have been wasted.

Life is not possible without principles.

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