Healthy generation 4 promising kids

What your next generation is going to be?

Giving a birth to healthy generation. That question mostly concerns women rather than men. And it is quite legitimate. According to cosmos to give a birth for a healthy promising, outstanding child, there must be a certain day, exact time, and preferably decent place. Now that is what I call a perfect approach to business. These laws apply to everyone that is living on our planet. Yes, my dear fellows, everything in space is connected and well organized that precisely to each other. And to those who are concerned about it, should not leave it unnoticeable and have it as one of important priority.

Certain day on a calendar is a specific day that interacts with all space objects making it a perfect time spot for impregnation. You can check it and investigate what day suits you best. Time appeals as the same factor. It might be day or night. As a place to choose for making healthy generation I would suggest to use the unusual locations that have specific energetic flows and positive frequencies.

Healthy condition of parents plays important role for that matter. More focused, sober and clean a giving life unit has more chances to channel real cosmic power into potential embryo at full. Man is always conscious what he is doing. Impregnating a person is not a fun activity. It is a serious and more appealing life-changing approach. Come to this realization matter up more mature. We have been brought here as human beings, not some sort of animals. The next generation also will follow the examples.

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