Horrifying external noises. How 2 deal with them?

External senses bring noises

If some noises disturb you, it means you have a good hearing abilities. That good where it started to disturb you. Your consciousness is wide spread enough to bring you inconvenience. That is good and bad. Bad, because it can disturb you. Good, because you have been expanded more than just a regular person. It will give you opportunities. You will start to feel things ahead of their actual happening. It will help you to become much aware of things.

You will be in the right place and the right time. You will respond to vibrations way ahead of time. Noises is another form of existence. Everything has a shape of vibrations, and how living creatures respond to them. To develop such things, try to practice the art of silence. The more the calm and mute atmosphere you live in, the more you will be aware of the sounds.

Why certain sounds disturb you, when someone performing? It matters who is performing the actions. It can be on purpose or subconsciously. Let’s take an example. Dishes and kitchen disturbance. One person might wash the dishes at regular basis and you cannot hear disturbance. Another one does it, and you can hear it was all intentional, the hatred in all moves and aspects, just to make you uncomfortable. That matters, who is performing the duties in every action. You will feel the motives behind the noises. Paying respect for the things you interact with, is essential.

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