How communists destroy the 1 world

Destruction is the core of communists

Communists will try to take control over the rest civilized world. The main reason why people suffered from communism, is that they totally relied on nothing, government were playing with them like puppets, there was no birth and life quality control at the end of Soviet era. They thought they are going to be atop of the world and all existing and non existing systems. And there would be one communist ruler of all. How pathetic is that? As a result, there is no more Soviets. No matter what had happened, but that nonsense has been collapsed, for good. And hopefully will never come back again.

However, communists are still functioning. Same system within same borders. The mentality hasn’t changed a bit. People still aren’t happy. They still looking for enemies and blame the whole world for what has happened to them. They cannot even understand the core of a problem. That mindset. Not even close comprehension on how own taxes are functioning for the cause of society, and how important it is to set them within the borders. All they do is just burgling all accessible funds from each other at the very closest opportunity, and making things like nothing happened. Well, they get what they deserve. There must be no feeling pity to them.

Communism is a sick mindset. Which cannot be eradicated easily, but has to be exterminated right off the bat. Wherever communism goes, there is poverty, beggars, crime and wasted lands. No excuses for such a terrible mistake committed by humanity once in a while.

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