Hypocrisy in every new 1 sphere of life. How to deal with it

Unstable background of hypocrisy

In today’s world, a regular person can witness a lot of hypocrisy around. Since someone wants to be beautiful, doesn’t mean one can claim himself to be so. Trust is lost. It means the system of human interaction is not completely perfect yet. The greed of people is not well regulated to the conditions where it could be nicely managed to the limits. Greed pushes people to lie each other. Those who had been lied are looking for justice from the public. If they can’t find it, they make it on their own by using the same practice.

As a result, it creates the chain of enclosed sins and hypocrisy becomes a normal part of life. But it does not mean it must be well met. Those who respect themselves would never appreciate and accept it. Hypocrisy is a sign of a weak background. That background is so unstable, that those who practice it, know exactly what they are doing and what kind of consequences are going to be after. They are so desperate for actions, that they know the justice will fall down on them anyway after.

They cannot allow themselves to live in a passionate and relaxed life. This is their misery. They are not competitive in the business world anymore. Hence, they are trying to find the gaps in the system in order to make an interest for a living. The farther they run from the justice, the more severe that justice will lay upon thee. That is indisputable fact. No one will get away will that.

If a person is arrogant to the rest, there’s a quite meaningful reason behind it. Should we somehow try stay far from him? Perhaps. That’s what society expects from us. It is not necessarily to get accompanied with that person. Though it is sick to watch when someone is trying get attention, making jokes out from incidents happened to that person. It is something that is called hypocrisy and humiliation.

Losers never settle down

Never trust those who have come from poverty and promising mountains of gold. Especially those who have passed their prime, and had too many relationships. It becomes so obvious what sort of people they are. Make sure to check their credit book before making any affairs. Some of them could be way too cunning. They are pretty mediocre among others. This type of junk always create troubles out of nowhere. They got severe psychological problems that needed to pay attention way earlier. The best solution is to get rid of them as soon, as possible.

Good and worth people are never allowed to leave away. They are in the huge demand, just like precious and rare gems. They are the object to fight for. They always trying to stay alone, but surrounded by a lot of attention. And as a fact, do not need help.


When sex intercourse appears to happen with people and they become overcrowded, it didn’t help them to avoid hypocrisy among themselves. People should have been happiest forms on Earth, yet something is not quite right. Maybe it is their perception? Or something was not quite clear in the beginning? One person lies to another, to get in favour; something was not discussed. It all comes out at inconveniently, when you expect it to, the least. There you have hypocrisy. People split up. Same story happens with another groups of people. And it never ends. Hypocrisy becomes the part of life.

Throughout the history, relations between humans are still imperfect. Something wrong happens then. People do not clearly tell their lifetime intentions, in the beginning. As a result, we have accusations and unexpected behaviour. All in a matter of money. People become hypocritical about that. Is it difficult though to tell your intentions in the beginning? Not really. Just let them know what sort of collaboration they are signing up to. At least you will be fair and honest.

Social system

Hypocrisy is when calling on for communism, but living under capitalism. Without capitalism humanity would have died somewhere in the XIV century BC. Capitalism has always been the part of human’s social system. Calling on to switch to communism is hypocrisy. Communism does not recognize and appreciate the private property right. Let’s say, someone has been working hard and gaining his wealth throughout his entire life. Then, another unemployed element comes up to the 1st person and claim: “Hey, he has a beautiful car (or house), let’s split that value fair among society!” There you have another type of hypocrisy.

The second person did nothing to improve his life, not to mention didn’t pay any taxes, but complain and whine about not having commodity or any other sort of value as an equal right, looking for justice from authorities. That is pure example of communism. And this sort of hypocrisy is hurting the social system among the working class and all public.


Hypocrisy is claiming that religion like Islam is the most peaceful religion of all, while the facts are showing the picture of harsh reality completely opposite. Rapes and deaths are taking place in the dunes of this destructive ideology. Wherever such ideology approaches the lands, there inevitably comes disaster. If you take a closer look of the origins of such disaster of XXI century, the people are witnessing today, you will notice that in the end of the day Muslims always escape such zones that are no longer habitable, every time before they leave it.

Nothing has been built so far till these days. Authorities of those zones are extremely tyrannical and despotizing. There are literally slaves are fighting for their lives. It did not happen yesterday.

The cause is hidden behind the accusative and destructive prophecies they have in their lone book. Conquer and destroy is what they follow.

Everything else is omitted to acknowledge. This is how obsolete their views have become. And even today they refuse to get rid of such views. They do nothing but destroy the lands.

A lot of those who escaped those lands continue to preach their destructive views. They completely forget what was the cause of their escape. That is hypocrisy.

You cannot call somebody peaceful escaping from them, and at the same time follow the same views. You cannot escape from those disastrous zones to another place and later on promoting them. That is hypocrisy. Either you learn fast and turn away from your old views completely, or you keep moving with the rest of your folks and never use technologies of other lands.


Hypocrisy is when some certain societies keep using all Western worldwide modern technologies, driving modern forms of transportation, but at the same time blaming that very democracy and take all those things for granted. This is not something to deal with on the respectful level.

They continue to manslaughter and prosecute non-believers and free minded humans that do not share the same views along with authorities. Gender minorities are losing their lives under tyrannical oppression from the local governments that are sinking in blood of innocent. That is crime.

Despite this fact, they continue to use innovations of the world. They can preach their destructive ideologies and still use the super modern cars and innovations. That is hypocrisy. No matter how hard they insist on loyalty of sticking to the old manners and views, they continue to use the modern commodities and values to prosecute different views and opinions. That is super hypocritical. There is a tyranny and autocratic regime, which has no place in the modern society.

They will never produce high valued innovations. Innovations that are changing lives for the better. Because they cannot, due to their destructive and oppressive nature. Lifestyle is something that is being changed with generations, and every time it is something new and appealing. Those who ride their mules in the deserts must learn that the world is not only about the mules and the desert. It is about creating useful things and improve the overall state.


In political world it became a trend. Elected species promise one things, in the real world they perform completely another. That’s a highest level of hypocrisy right there. Such species betray people in order to take financial advantage over the rest. There has got to be the highest form of punishment for such practices. Millions and millions of fates are affected. Thankfully today, the politician term became the liar, automatically. Actions speak louder than words, and after some time you can figure out what the person has achieved during that period.

The best advice is to keep that person accountable for his actions, to follow up his program during the period one was elected. As simple as that. And if something goes out of program, fire one the heck out of office. It will only happen in the democratic and free countries, where the laws are strictly followed and praised by the public and prosecutors. In the communist and autocratic countries, it never happens. The vast majority of sheep just deal with such kind of hypocrisy. They don’t want to claim their rights because them and freedom cost a lot. The freedom is earned sometimes with blood and sacrifice. That is the price to pay for freedom.

Well hidden hypocrisy

Hypocrisy is when one system was killing the people, but them never suspected the system itself for their failure and misery. It happens when one blames the certain group for ideology and views over the other, but at the same time making affairs with it, and even cannot exist without it. Just look at the dark age Muslim, Communist countries, where they still cannot get rid of old fashioned, obsolete ideology of worshipping to nonsense. Nobody is obligated for nothing. One group steals funds from the other. And they even kill innocent minorities among the public. Such activities are definitely not appreciated. And will never be disregarded.

Never fall completely into final statements

Because everything around is quite hypocritical. Do not listen to those who say enforcements are the past and worthless. As long as the army exists, there will always be demand on the brute, physical, oppressive force. And pay attention to the ideologies that promote hatred. Being said that, it is impossible to strictly rely only on gentle and excuse manners for interaction with those who never follow it. And we cannot move forward by being stuck up in the old school tactics on one hand, and have an innovative approach to each other on the other.

How to deal with hypocrisy

Do not fall down into hypocrisy exchange. Just stay out of those who violate rules and those who look suspicious.