1 important rich man sign

Rich man always pays attention

Sometimes confrontations or regulations might be hidden in the little unnoticeable details. And rich man will never lose them. That’s applies to magic as well. There might be signs, drawings, anything that a regular person would not notice. If you having affairs with important persons you have to be pre-cautious as much as possible. Because, rich people would never miss any details that might help them to achieve their goals. Beware of anything you take from them. That anything might consist of signs. For example, the rich man associate himself with some totem, and that emblem chasing another (no matter what) in the unnoticeable picture.

That means he will take it back what has been given. You can disagree with me, saying how come just a regular picture affect someone. But trust me, when something you see everyday and don’t pay attention to it, it becomes subconsciously happen, because you regard it, you accept it how it is, even not giving any sight.

You accept the failure on what has been given, the cosmos accept both of your and the rich man’s statements in brains, and then anything that had meant to be on the unnoticeable picture, happens. It means it will come back whatever you took from the rich man. However, since you accept the rich man’s game rules, it means another totem that had been chased and was associated with you might get what the first totem possessed.

The wealth. You have to praise that totem, and depict it glorious, celebrating wealth, success and longevity. Do it like a real rich man. From this perspective it shows your attitude towards that interaction. It was interaction between rich man and individuals.

One is rich, another one becomes wealthier. As you can see, with that first interaction with the first totem, it shows your attitude towards that image. The attitude where riches interact with each other. Since riches consider it necessary to interact with only rich individuals, you belong to the same. But you have to praise your totem, letting cosmos know how are things.

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