Impress the lady. How 2 be attractive in her eyes

To impress the lady – do nothing

This statement goes for those who want to encounter love adventures and having potential marriage. To impress the lady, one should let her know, that he is not concerned about future affairs whatsoever. It must be seen from the very first sight on. Actually, the lady will figure the truth out all by herself. You don’t have to do anything, though. Don’t have to be concerned about it. You as a male have to be concerned on the other things instead. Impression goes all by itself. The knowledge you carry, the positive frequencies you have, that is what brings you confidence. But sometimes people misunderstand confidence with self-confidence. That is where the lady will figure out you bluffing.

Honesty with your true self is the first priority. After that you can express yourself anyway you want. You don’t have to prove yourself to impress the lady. Moreover, when they recognize your true self, there will be a lot more ladies trying to catch your glimpse at them. Because they know ladies by themselves are not the big deal. However, they try to get the attention of the best. And best are those who could truly expressed themselves. There is no need to waste your time on trying to impress the lady. Those people who smart always have the option to pick.

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