Improving life easy works only 4 developed countries

Improving life everyday

Improving life is not a big task that sometimes might seem difficult to comprehend. As the taxes once had been applied, every single penny in circulation creates additional commodities and royalties for the people who somehow bothered to manage them. This is how the life quality improves. As a result, people enjoy their lifestyle, spread their own rights and possibilities to the others. There is no secret formula to succeed at it. Just simple ability to share and collect taxes. Write the constitution and obey it. Everyone can do it. But not everybody willing to follow it.

There will be a day when bank institutions will administrate the entire expenses processes for its client’s needs years ahead. Everything becomes automatic. All the worries are left to corporations, so inhabitant can carry the good mood as a priority. Inhabitant aka the taxpayer bringing the life improving. It is important to save such individual for the future times. Because, once that person get extinct, the whole system will get ruined and no one will take care about others. Time in space is nothing.

By improving life people can focus on more valuable things and make infrastructure work better. But this only happens with developed societies. Since they can protect the borders and regulate the taxes. Formations, where police and administration serve only ruling elites without any concerns for the people keeping them disregarded, are doomed to learn the mistakes again. That goes for the expenses of resources. This is not something to work in XXI century.

Everyone can get improving life just by the trigger of a will. Focus, dedication, discipline make miracles with our lives. We can do all things done by ourselves.

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