4 Independent states. Failed formations of CIS group

Independent states that have no independence

There is no secret what sorts of inhabitants live in the so called independent states of the former Communist regime utopia. They are gutless to proclaim and announce about their ‘civil’ rights to the world. They just inhabit with what they have gotten and passively deserve the treatment they nicely possess. They could not be even considered as civilians anymore. Their territory is just a huge dumping zone with no strict borders and human guaranties of protection by the authorities.

Taxes? Please, forget about them. Nobody and no one is owing to that living generations. Private property? There is a word of ‘private’ is prohibited among that society. Simple slaves do not own nothing. How come? Generations of slavery mentality played significant role of what they have now. They simply do not want to be free.

Any bankrupt authority can approach more or less successful business owner and simply take the business away from him without any explanations or linking to a lawful legislation that appear to be non existent. That is, it. No one and nobody will protect the working class. The whole government is a bogus, basically. The whole society is not mature enough to proclaim its own rights. Everyone out there is happy with what they have and how they run their government, which is the direct bureaucratic system.

I would not recommend to have any deals with CIS banking groups. Since everything out there is corrupted to the drills. Once I had an occasion to accept a decent amount of money from South Africa, troubles started to occur when discussion took place with the bank representatives of one of those ‘Independent States’.

The bank clerk of ‘Tsesna Bank‘ clearly told me that me as a citizen will not be able to get my funds from incoming sum. How do you like that? It means no one will protect me as a citizen. It is a disgrace to be a part of them. Thanks god I do not belong to them anymore. That is Kazakhstan one of 4 independent states. The whole CIS formations are doomed to face troubles by the global economy and world banking system and that is good. Everyone will get what they deserve.

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