Interaction essentially must be paid off 4 good

Every interaction counts

Even the slightest interaction between two insects has a value. Everything has a value. When people exchange their goods, they make the contribution to the same public. If something that has been occurred without notice, it is not under the laws discretion and is considered to be illegal. Once it is illegal, it means somebody didn’t get their medical treatment and left without help. That is a violation of constitution and human rights. Every trade deal, interaction must be under control, it assures the member of the public to get his treatment.

Committed trade deals are the most common form of interaction. Hence, they must be paid off, both from the government and the dealing party. Once you make a deal without obligation, someone else will screw you over. Nothing can be gone without notice. Well regulated country never have any problems by dealing with all sorts of companies. Huge loans are provided to such companies and they easily pay off the debts, since established company does not go anywhere, and continues to collaborate with the public.

All companies are interconnected right down to the global market, where inhabitants are hardly making meet their ends. However, that is solely their problems, since they enjoy working under any condition and never complain about the working atmosphere.


When people don’t get paid enough, they become angry, or even worse cunning and miserable. Since they don’t get paid enough, they start looking for illegal schemes to make extra funds for living. Legislation doesn’t work in there.

Nobody wants to live in slavery. When they don’t get paid enough, they become enslaved. If they are angry there is an economic downfall for everyone around. Children and disabled people don’t get medical service. But such companies continue to function without any troubles.

They continue to exist and deliver service to the public. But not every group can enjoy their contribution. It is widely spread in the poor and developing countries. Heck, they don’t have the free healthcare so far to be proud of their lands. They just the beggars and slaves for a lifetime, not knowing for whom they work, why they do this, and when it will end. There is no contribution to the public, cause any interaction is illegal.

It is quite unpleasant to interact with them so far internationally, since you can easily become a victim of fraudulent. They don’t like their rights to be presented and being paid for work. Just a monotone workflow on a daily basis trying to get as much slaves as they can. But with that anger there is a lot of crime spread. It is even very dangerous to come out outside. There are no moral values hidden whatsoever. Every single living form gets busted by the authorities and the public all around. No one gives a damn about interaction and taxes to come out.

All they do is just screw each other over and move on. That is because their daily interaction is not paid off. Elderly and youths are left without any help. Whatever interaction is out there; it must be paid off at all times. Whether by assets or money or any other forms of royalties. Nobody wants to work for free. Only slaves enjoy their service being delivered. Human rights act contain the statements that protect the interests of workers and provide clear statements against frauds and scammers.

Communism will not pay off

The greed creates the ugliest form of ruling that ever witnessed by humanity. Doesn’t matter how you praise it, it will punish you for being exposed. Communism is against any sorts of payments to employers. Once you get that system in your home, it is all over for you. It means you will be enslaved by the rules of Communism. And the rules of Communism are simple. All working and middle class are slaves, must remain so and must be eradicated after their contribution to economy without protecting any of their rights.

Any sort of interaction there is illegal by any normal society. Public’s interaction does not get paid off. They are like bio robots that performing their tasks without complaining for not getting paid enough. Communism is doing great in the big resourceful territories, where the wealth is focused on resources, and not the people, since their main planned economy is directed only to extract the resources for the exporting goals and use the traditional labour as the slaving campaign to fulfil the governmental needs.

Idiocracy hits the spot when the same inhabitants are thinking that they are extremely rich above their feet, and one day they will surely get the piece from sales. But eventually, they all end up in disaster. All their lives are busted for nothing. They never seen, and don’t want to see another, clean out of corruption, zone that is taking care of it’s people and attentively monitoring the interaction.

Interaction is paid off

In normal, clean countries interaction is paid off. Even more, such societies are trying to improve overall conditions so the people will feel more confident and free to self-express. The zone becomes more secure and attractive for investments and talents. This is how the people loving areas are formed. Moreover, such areas are becoming truly the leading group for the rest. As a result, setting the normals and rules to be followed with. Poorly conditioned states are imitating them. That is another level of interaction.

Once, the system has been formed, it starts working automatically.

How to get paid

The good deed is always a positive investment and it never stops collaborating with the public.

Such system will never let you down. 8 billion people want to interact with it and get a share. Since the developing countries are struggling to become developed ones, they take the working share and stock to implement it in their system. Even though, it never works perfect, still has a label of the fore and initial system. One or the other way it has an interaction with the developed group, where in the end it pays off respectively. When interaction is paid off, everyone is happy and feel that mission is accomplished.

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