Interference by otherworld. 1 Direct connection with space

Otherworld interference

Interference. Electricity supplies machinery and electronics. Human beings are supplied by cosmos. But one has intelligence over actions, that makes possible to decide whether to get driven by love or anger. If according to gurus, anger destroys you, then it is clear love prolongs your life. Thus, for the sake of life and collaboration matters, anger must be eradicated from within the existence. However, it comes obvious that the anger has never been discovered here on planet till a moment when everything has turned upside down. In fact, it was an external influence and it has been performed on purpose.

Interference by somebody or something. With a clear goal, to destroy the society of Earth by the own actions. If they had the goal to destroy it, then they were clearly aware of what such kind of society can make, and they tried to prevent Earthlings from something. Something that can put an end to the already existed practices. Practices of destruction of civilizations. But, humanity can put an end to it.


The power of brain and love can change the universe. Only enlightened and blissful souls can perform that. And they can prevent otherworldly interference that tried to paste humanity into deep dark ages. People can get directly merged with outer space and universe, get along with another civilizations, discover new horizons. It will be definitely a scientific revolution. And there will be no interference anymore.

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