Intimidated children from the poor formations 2 witness

Victims of the regime

Intimidated children are no longer surprise for the most. Poor zones and formations do not hesitate to even abuse them. Since the authorities of such states do whatever it takes to corrupt down the state, every single member is their servant. The closer the servants of the system, the more corrupt they are to the clan. And from there on they trying to keep the control on every aspect. Even the born children on the territory of control become the victims the regime. They still do not understand of who is feeding who within the market.

Although, some do understand of what is going on, they do not commit anything to prevent it. As a fact, their children face the oppression.

Enclosed circle of sins. Intimidated children

What intimidated children encounter from the first education is the possibility to being gotten out of enthusiasm. Yes. Children get special treatment. Boys and girls get cut their hair at first. All the same clothes for every unit. It is to demonstrate the loyalty and submission towards the authoritarian dictatorship that wants to have potential slaves. In the kindergarten, nannies, if you can call them so, are mostly +50 y.o. and have an outstanding resume before the communist regime. Resume of oppressing and intimidating people for the sake of the chairman.

They teach little intimidated children to not complain and accuse the authorities. That authorities are always indisputably right and the people are always wrong. The Communist regime at its finest. So the slaves would know their place among society beforehand. That is all been made within the borders of a country. They are communist socialistic countries. This is how they set the slaves and servants to comply with the national politics. Later on if such kids had not have parents who could possess a context within the private state market, they are headed for a mean world laws living on their own.

It means no one from the grown public world make a fair deals with them. Social care? Forget about it. In a private state where the power has been usurped by authorities, there is no such thing as social. Those people are making a living on their own, however by trying to use the market economy and sell. As a consequence, in order to survive they take things nasty and rough. It seems like the government is out of order, but still in controlling the market without much taking care of its own people. That’s strange.

Results of regime

Later on, these kinds of people treat the same way the other generations. We have intimidated children. And here we have the enclosed circle of sins. The younger that generation is, the filthier it has preserved its customs to be carried on. Such community can only admire proper sanctions that has been applied to them. Sanctions are good. They make the changes for the better. The clean up process machine always is important to be executed. It basically protects us people from disaster. As a fact, those people do learn on their own mistakes. Some of them quite fast, others not really. Another group becomes disabled.

And that is sad. What we have later, is unsound young man or woman who is not able to speak up to the public and show off their problems, feelings of how disgraceful and pathetic their lands had been, how destructive their own government had been towards their fellows and what capabilities they could express that one will never tell. There should be no surprises on having intimidated children.

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