Intimidation is 1 powerful form of offence not reliability

Never let intimidation to take place. People were born free

Intimidation is offensive act towards a first party. Usually, it is practiced by the legal forces that protect dictatorship. But also it happens on a regular basis. A bully trying to take advantage or express himself over the victim in a manner he knows best. In such places policemen do not hesitate to use a chance to oppress people. Yet, try to never be there in the first place. Smart people know what they want from the public. There is no need to play curiosity. Always project and know what you want and when you want it. And go for it. Life don’t deliver gifts. You have to take it all by yourself.

Do not forget about your rights. Have a decent pace of talk. Someone asked you a question, or you having a conversation do not hassle up when responding.

How to handle intimidation

Respect yourself. Those who want you to be interrupted doesn’t have any respect for you.

You are not a robot to perform things fast, and never will be. In any way it is offensive. Things must happen one a time. And never be intimidated. Moreover, those who want you to be oppressed doesn’t have a clue on how to operate people in terms of human resources. There is simply no respect. It is recommended to stay away from such disastrous people.

No tolerance towards such government

Authoritarian regime practices it vigorously. Those who oppress you will never protect you or even express reliability. This is utopia. In such places people wearing masks. Once intimidation is widely practiced, there is a rare chance that something will go down opposite. Prepare to suffer alongside with the rest. Take it openly. Because, such society is scared to do something for their future contrary to the government. The dictatorship is celebrating its triumph. Usually it happens in Muslim and post-soviet countries. Where human’s life and freedom is disregarded severely. It means more and more taxes are stolen by the authorities, years and decades ahead. It means there is still no free public healthcare and free education.

How come that happened? With the passiveness of the public. They have never seen a decent life to compare. They all had been suffering from intimidation of somebody more powerful. In our case their government. That ‘know’ everything well, predict things ‘like no one else’, and have complete and total power above people. They never heard something of their rights before. Of course, what do you expect from them? Only submissive and loyal behaviour. Such treatment has come deep down that far, that genetically they will be never changed and try to get a different treatment. By the way, legal forces in such places are well sponsored ahead of its time. There must be no question why.

Prevent intimidation from whoever it might be

You as an individual have to fight for your rights. Everyday everywhere. Freedom is not free. Never tolerate offence and intimidation from whoever it could be. Fight back if necessary. Use your skills and knowledge, prevent such occasions, but never submit to it. Once you let it go, it will be difficult to prove yourself later on.

No intimidation must be practiced towards you

What can be justified as back up for intimidation from aggressor? Public humiliation. If all are sheep, they will try to protect their master. This is a psychological move by the oppression to win the battle. Whatever the reason is, never back down. Intimidation is a form of oppression, not reliability. Being submissive means to let yourself perform the tasks that were forcibly set on you. Fight back and be free!

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